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The successful musical Pope Joan, based on the bestseller novel of the same name by Donna W. Cross, returns to our stage in April after its great success. With the great songs penned by Dennis Martin, rousing choreographies and opulent scenery, a fight for faith and love is ignited again. It tells the story of Johanna, who pretends to be a man and rises from the simple monk to the pope.


Johanna was born in 814 as the daughter of a village priest. The girl is exceptionally smart and secretly learns to read and write against her father’s wishes. Through a chain of coincidences, Johanna is able to attend the convent school in Dorstadt, but as a young woman she is attacked from all sides. She is the only one to survive a cruel Norman attack and makes a lonely decision: She takes off her women’s clothing, cuts her hair and from then on pretends to be the monk Johannes Anglicus in the Fulda monastery. After decades of playing hide-and-seek, her path leads to Rome, where powerful opponents at the Pope’s court are plotting their intrigues.

But Johanna continues on her way undeterred and rises to become the papal personal physician. However, when she unexpectedly meets the only man she has ever loved in Rome, she has to choose between happiness and independence. The Pope dies and the Roman people choose Joan as his successor. Now more than ever she must keep her secret. Because if anyone finds out who she really is…


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Shortly after its publication in the USA in 1996, the novel Die Päpstin was also published in a German translation. To date, it has been sold over five million times in Germany alone. In the ZDF program “Unsere Beste” it came 10th in the category “The Germans’ Favorite Books” in 2004. In 2009 the director Sönke Wortmann filmed the material. Two years later, the musical celebrated its world premiere in Fulda

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