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Last week News Team 1 / 4Special Report Clinging to problems The volatility of rubber prices The price is climbing to 80 baht, the highest in three years, but when it plummeted in just a few days. Almost only 3 kilograms left until the entire Ministry of Agriculture And the Ministry of Commerce Investigating and hastening to find the root cause

Rubber farmers There are unstable questions about who? Take advantage of and lose benefits from this unusual price fluctuation event. And more importantly, I want to know “Who” is the real regulator of rubber prices in Thailand?

However, during the month of November, there was still production. “Palm oil” It is also worth noting. Prices are still rising continuously. By price of palm oil purchased at the factory in the production area (Surat Thani, Krabi and Chumphon) prices increased from 4.10–5.00 baht per kg (1 Oct. 20) increased to 6.00–7.00 baht per kg (16 Nov. 20). “Crude palm oil” went up 25.00-25.25 baht per kg.

Noteworthy There has never been a price before. Fresh palm or Palm crush There will be a rising price in a single month to 7 baht per kilogram until many questions arise that Prices at the palm courtyard and Crude palm oil mill Buying fresh palm produce And palm bunches Is a cheap churn from the international market The same as the price of rubber or not. Therefore, the agriculture that planted oil palm would like the government agencies involved to be closely monitored.

Several factors caused the price of oil palm to rise

News Team 1 / 4Special Report Had the opportunity to interview Mr. Chai Rit Lakyuan President of the Oil Palm Farmers Association, Trang Province and the Oil Palm Policy Committee (MPC) discussing the reasons for the rapid rise in oil palm prices, Mr. Chai Rit said that it is due to both domestic and foreign factors. Domestic is Over two years of depressing oil palm prices have caused oil palm farmers to lack maintenance, causing palm yields in 2020 to disappear from the market for more than 10 million tonnes (from 17 million tonnes). Know that soybean farmers in many countries Suffer from natural disasters causing Soybean oil Household consumption is expensive, manufacturers have to turn to. Oil palm Replacement is the reason for these factories Scramble to buy produce from farmers Until causing the price to rise according to the needs of the factory

There is also a coronavirus crisis. Make malaysia Which is a country that produces oil palm And the world’s No. 2 exporter has been affected by the lack of labor in the palm plantations. Until unable to bring the output to the factory as usual Which is another reason that Palm oil From the extraction mill there was not enough And another factor that needs to be mentioned is that Ministry of Energy Encourage to bring palm oil Used as a mixed garden Diesel oil B 10 and Diesel oil B 100 Resulting in insufficient productivity to meet market demand

Therefore, the palm price is now rising. Believe that the price of rubber is different Because the main cause arises from Lack of palm fruit That the domestic factory needs However, the high price of the palm has not made palm farmers richer. Because most farmers who are small farmers Do not have a lot of produce to be collected. It is different from the palm trees of the big capitalists who have been fully benefited from the high price of palm oil.”Said Chai Rit.

bewarecapitalistChicken wings raise prices of palm oil

Mr. Nakarin Boonkong Farmers, owners of the palm plantation, Nuea Khlong District, Krabi Province, interviewed that Factual The palm plantation of the palm farmers has Cost Is approximately 3.80 baht. Cost-effective price Of farmers at 4.20 baht per kg, but if the farmers are palm Stay stable The palm price that farmers sell to the pouring yard or factory must be at 5 baht per kg. Today, the palm price goes up to 7-8 baht because of the lack of production. Due to the slump in the past year Most of the owners of the palm plantation seem to be throwing away, not investing in fertilizer. Not maintenance However, in the next 3 months, it is believed that when the season for more products to go to the market, merchants and factories will have to lower the purchase price down to 3 baht per kilogram as always. The scramble to buy produce from gardeners Even to increase the price of palm fruit But to create a problem that is Water chain and Downstream That is Palm oil mill Unable to operate the machine full time

While the factory of Big capital There will be a full stop as well. Extraction plant, Distillery and Oil production plant It has an impact, but not much. Because part of the refined oil is sold abroad at a high price This part is sold more locally and is believed to be very soon. Palm oil producer For consumption must refer to the cost of the palm, the higher the retail price may be requested today, the Commerce Department. Set the price at 42 baht, which in fact, this price is the price that has been calculated the cost of purchasing palm fruit at 7 baht per kg, so if the Ministry of Commerce does not catch up with the tricks of the capital group, it will be cited about the expensive palm. Hit and eat to generate immediate profits.

Nakarin continued that, but with Enterprises or cooperative In the area is the affected person Because of the more expensive raw materials And less quantity Lack of liquidity of competitive capital Until the announcement of the closure of business Make workers lose their jobs This is the aftermath of many parts of the South, and if palm fruits are still less available to the market, What agencies have to deal with are Palm oil price for consumption Producer group Which only holds a few factories Will I have to adjust the retail price? And if the price is allowed to rise according to the price of palm fruit that is 1 times more expensive than before, it will add to the aggravation of people suffering from economic downturn Both from the COVID-19 crisis And from the failure of government solutions

In addition, including the use of palm oil. It is an ingredient in the production of B10 diesel, which is classified as the oil that every gas station must sell. When palm oil prices rise The cost of production of B10 has to be increased today. The price of diesel B10 differs from diesel B7 by 2 baht per liter, with the government compensating the refinery at 3 baht per liter. Used as a more expensive ingredient, the Ministry of Energy has to adjust the price to be more expensive or not And if the price must be adjusted according to the cost of palm oil Is equal to pushing the burden on the people more

The fear of smuggling foreign oil.

Another issue that often arises when domestic palm prices are expensive. Capital Group May ask for permission of the Ministry of Commerce to Imported Palm oil from Indonesia and Malaysia, the world’s largest producers. This is a big deal. Because every time there is permission to import Domestic palm prices will immediately fall sharply. And the victim is It is palm farmers. But more importantly, it is open to vulnerabilities. Smuggling oil smuggling From neighboring countries This is a big issue that happened in the past, causing the price of palm to fall. Because of illegal oil smuggling into

Therefore, the story of palm farmers It is another matter that the Ministry of Agriculture And the Ministry of Commerce Must keep up with the trick of the ‘capital group’ where is the problem of palm tea farmers? And how to fix it in order to comply with the policy that “agriculture, production, commerce, sale” because if it can be true Farmers, whether they are gardeners, palm plantations and rubber plantations Probably can open eyes and mouth Don’t give a final conclusion Real beneficiaries Not a farmer yet !!




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