the previews, the dog and the soundtrack

The weekly appointment with the TV series Blanca arrives at the third episode which will be broadcast by Rai1, in prime time, Monday 6 December. The TV series Blanca also availed itself of the advice of Maestro Andrea Bocelli, above all, to describe the world of Blanca to the screenwriters, or that of the “blind”, thus helping the actress Maria Chiara Giannetta to best impersonate the protagonist.


In the episode of Blanca aired tonight, titled I dance alone, something completely unexpected happens. It disappears Gabriele, the journalist’s son Marinella with which Liguori started a relationship much to Blanca’s chagrin. The latter believed she had finally overcome her interest in Liguori, but now she can’t help but help them find the baby.

The commissioner Bacigalupo he expresses his theory by minimizing what happened in the disappearance, because he firmly believes that Gabriele has voluntarily gone away. Blanca does not believe this hypothesis and, in fact, discovers that the child has been kidnapped. Blanca undertakes to give her contribution during the course of the investigation: she listens to the wiretapping of the rape and decides to actively participate in Gabriele’s recovery. A choice that will have consequences that he will have to deal with.


The cast of the actors of the tv series Blanca is also part of the cane which helps the protagonist in every episode. The “actor” name in the TV series is Linnaeus, but in the canine registry it is Fiona and it is a female American bulldog with a very particular characteristic for this breed, namely the light eyes.


Regarding the soundtrack and the sensations evoked by the music present in the tv series Blanca, the director Jan Maria Michelini wanted to underline the initial intentions: “I strongly wanted to marry a graphic and colorful, contemporary line in the costumes, street funk. In the projects I face, I really like starting from music. What does Blanca listen to, how often does she animate her, in what rhythm does she breathe? I asked myself if it was possible to combine the nostalgia of the 70s, of the great soundtracks of the Italian genre, with the contemporary world, rap, street and I asked who had already breathed that music for some time “.

The first single in radio rotation is Ready Steady which sees the participation of MEI e Arya Delgado. “For an instrumental project ours, to write songs sung with performers of very different origins, for a product that starts from Italy to venture into other countries, was a challenge that we were happy to accept together with the production. We are very satisfied with the result ”added i Caliber 35 about the production of the songs for the TV series.


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