The presence of medical students, to ‘debate’

The Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells.

“Maximum presence”. That is the desire and goal of the Ministry of Education for the start of the new course 2021-22. A course “different from last year” in which the Covid-19 measures will be made more flexible depending on the epidemiological evolution of each CCAA. However, despite the fact that the return to the routine of the students will take place in the coming weeks and that Education seems to be clear about the way forward, there are still issues to be addressed, especially in universities. And it is that, as you have been able to know Medical Writing, next week will be held a meeting between the Ministry of Universities and the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE). In it, as confirmed to this newspaper, the last details of the protocol for a new safe course will be outlined and there will be a debate about the presence or blendedness of the students of Medicine and Nursing, as well as the rest of the disciplines. A matter that depends solely and exclusively on each training center …

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