The ‘premiere’ of the animal welfare law

The ‘premiere’ of the animal welfare law

From the creators of ‘The law of only yes is yes’ now comes the premiere of ‘The animal welfare law’, the second installment of the horror saga that has been so successful in recent months, and which is a sequel to that saga of the revolutionary sixties, ‘Pepe gotera and Otilio, botched jobs at home’.

In an interview with its director, she tells us that this second installment has also been carried out in a pimpampum, that the ideas flowed to her in torrents, as if the story had always been inside her, waiting to be born, giving free rein to her creativity. In this way, this time he not only did not need the advice of the judges, but also that of the veterinarians. Without wanting to ‘spoiler’, the film is a tribute to the cruel and terrifying time of the ‘castrati’, in an animal version. His commitment to the cause is such that his dog has changed its name to Farinelli, something that will create a trend among his followers committed to giving visibility to victims of all kinds and conditions who have suffered through history. Before her premiere, criticism of her and her team have also rained down, even calling them the new ‘illuminati’ but in a bawdy version. The truth is that after the ‘success’ of the first installment, great uncertainty has arisen about how far the second installment will go, since it is not only aimed at hunting the viewer but also at changing an entire incomprehensible rural way of life for such clairvoyant minds. What is certain is that after the premiere it will reach a level of terror never before known, which in the words of the ‘president’ will mean that we are not going to sleep peacefully anymore. In short, an absolutely superb saga.

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Fernando Valdres Allueva. SARAGOSSA

The mandanga bargain

When you are eight years old, you hear certain words being said in the village and you don’t know the meaning. But don’t ask. So he only imagines strange things. When, at eighty years of age or more, he discovers, definitively and without remedy, the racket that the peasant’s words contain in practice, in life and in the hands of those who govern, and going through the crossroads, with the country sown with paradoxes, and The city where you live is still dirty and a political hornet’s nest, the same as the entire country, you remain perplexed and mentally paralyzed, wondering if it was possible that this was democracy, or regime change, since you had grown up and lived as a young man in a dictatorship. What’s going on? It is not the same to have played basketball than to be in the mountains taking care of a herd of goats. And unaware that if you bring them home, to fold them together with the tame sheep, the goats will try to break through fences, and the woolly ones will be gored many times. Sometimes we would round up all the goats in the town when I was a shepherd, and that gave bad results. It is not good in a democracy to walk together with independentistas, exetarras, anti-system and the extreme left. Well, past 80 one already knows that the bargain is the bargain, said in urban language, more than one hundred thousand euros per year; Mandanga is bossy, as always, of those who rule. Those who, whatever, have a good grip on the upper hand.

Luis Buisan Villacampa. SARAGOSSA

Basic FP Teachers

I want to praise the extraordinary pedagogical, psychological and even social work that teachers and tutors have been doing with their Basic Vocational Training students. I, immodestly say it, was one of them in the early nineties. This initial FP was aimed at students who had not been to school, or who had failed at school, between the ages of 15 and 20, and who here had a possible way out into the world of work or to re-engage in the educational system. But I am going to expand a little on the street work, with the families and the boys and girls themselves who are carried out, well beyond their schedule and obligation, by the committed teachers who teach this cycle. They are true education workers, students for whom the mere fact of going to class is already an effort; and those who have to be convinced in each class that this opportunity must be taken advantage of for their own good. I know of public and concerted colleagues who have left their skin for these young people, not only giving them almost personalized tools, but most importantly, affection, respect, trust and a lot of work with a good dose of patience and enthusiasm. When you find out that they have gotten a job or continued their studies, it is an indescribable reward that fills you with pride and motivation. It is your work.

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Luis Solanas Onion. SARAGOSSA

Do you take care of me and I take care of you?

In recent times, in which a serious illness has frightened millions of people due to its not inconsiderable mortality, we are asked how to take care of our health and that of the weakest, on the bus, on the tram and in the taxi this city so alive We see every day in our transport a good number of elderly and chronically ill vulnerable to any germ accessible to their respiratory system. However, our mind only verbalizes ‘great, on February 8 the mask is no longer mandatory!’. I would like, as a health worker, that those who are healthy enter without any kind of restriction or fear, and those who are coughing or have a cold cover themselves with a mask until they go down. So you, who are not healthy, take care of my good health, and I, who am sick, do not lose my life for you. You have to learn to take care of a stranger so that they also know that they must take care of the one next door.

Emilio Guzman Sanchez. SARAGOSSA

learn to be flexible

To improve our quality of life, it has been shown that both flexibility and adaptability are values ​​that bring us great benefits. It is true that this change of chip at a given moment to adapt to the new situation can involve some sacrifice, but once we have done it voluntarily, in most cases it more than compensates us. It becomes more evident in cases where we have to face an unexpected situation and even that we do not like, but we cannot prevent it from happening, so being flexible is the key. And it is that things are as they are and not as we want them to be, so knowing how to adapt to any new situation, whatever it may be, in addition to being a sign of intelligence and mental strength, provides us with more knowledge and experiences, helping us to grow as people.

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Mar Ramos Navarro. SARAGOSSA

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