The Power of the Dog: why is it the favorite movie to win the Oscar?

It also shows the generational conflict and the complicated connection between the repressed cowboy played by Cumberbatch and the confident young man in the skin of Smith-McPheewho represent so much that it is uncomfortably familiar for many gay men to identify.

They are joined by the real-life couple (also Oscar-nominated), Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst, who are a married couple united by circumstance where we can see Dunst play a grieving mother who struggles with the emotional abuse that Cumberbatch he makes her a victim constantly, but on the other side, there is his brother George (Plemons) who is her husband and has this kinder character who just wants to protect her.

Cumberbatch es Phil Burbank a despicable cowboy who manages the family business with great force while Plemons he is his antithesis, a shy and respectful man.

Conflict and tension come when he marries this humble widow who moves into the property along with her son, an effeminate boy whom Phil despises and makes their lives miserable.


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ending explained

Alert! There will be spoilers for the ending.

In the final scenes of ‘The Power of the Dog, Doubts remain for viewers and what happens to Phil, the character played by Benedict Cumberbatch? How did he get sick and why does he die?

Jane Campion He has left these pieces out of place for a reason and has not wanted to explicitly give us an ending to let the audience discover it.

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Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee), El Hijo de Rose (Kirsten Dunst), not only was he not dominated by Phil, but he was in control of the relationship almost from the beginning which begins with a strange friendship after he discovers the photos of naked men that Phil kept, and eventually, he understands that he is gay.

Upon learning Phil’s true story with another man, Bronco Henry, that cowboy who marked him so much, he understands that he was tortured by his loss and for not accepting his sexual condition, but that his attacks on him and his mother are due to being she was attracted to him, an overtly effeminate young man who somehow begins to fill the void left by his old love.

So he uses his vulnerability to drive Phil to his death. giving him the skin of a sick cow to weave, without gloves, and which was actually infected with anthrax.

In the end, Pete watches from his window as Rose, who had fallen into alcoholism because of Phil, was now sober, returns with George to her brother’s funeral and the whole family is reunited with the possibility of seeing each other again, since Before, the hostile environment that Phil caused made it impossible to have these meetings.

It is implied that Pete caused the death, but that he did it so that his mother would finally be happy after being emotionally abused by Phil.

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