The Police execute another eviction in Vallecas with four orphaned minors

Not a week after the eviction of Manuela, her husband and their four minor children in the Puente de Vallecas district (Madrid), this popular neighborhood has once again been the scene of another eviction carried out by the Police Intervention Units (UIP), the riot police of the National Police.

On Wednesday morning, the agents knocked open the door of the apartment on Calle Maquinillas, 31, where Cruz, 58, lived; her husband and her four grandchildren between the ages of 9 and 16, whom she is in charge of in foster care after being orphans and being tutored by the Community of Madrid when her mother died several years ago.

According to the Vallecas Platform for People Affected by Mortgage (PAH), which tried to paralyze it by blocking the entrance, this eviction occurs after the Liberbank bank sold the property to the Global Tarasca company, which refused to renew the rental contract With an option to buy, she had another daughter from Cruz, who currently works as an intern in Guadalajara.

Cruz, her husband and their grandchildren had already had to leave their previous home, also in Vallecas, due to the loss of their jobs as a result of the pandemic. According to the complaint, they have requested a social housing a long time ago, both from the Municipal Housing Company on land (EMVS) and the Social Housing Agency (AVS), although they have not received a response.

When her daughter left for Guadalajara, she offered to move into the house that she was abandoning so that they would not stay on the street and put the reception of the four children at risk. However, this house was also immersed in an eviction procedure that ended this Wednesday.

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