the plot of the film and the cast of the touching story in 1st vision on Rai Uno

Zack, hero dog, which tells of the escape attempt of a child and his dog from a concentration camp during the Second World War, will be broadcast tonight – January 25 – in first vision on Rai Uno.

Approaches the Remembrance day and the schedules of the various television networks begin to offer – as they do every year – programmes, documentaries and films that narrate what happened during the Holocaust, between great stories and tales of small gestures. This evening – January 25thRai Uno will in fact transmit, in premiere, Zack, hero dog, at approximately 21:25. A family story that tells of one of the most indissoluble bonds, that between a dog and his master, capable of resisting even the horrors of war and concentration camps.

Zack, hero dog – Plot and cast of the film about the indissoluble bond between a child and his dog

Berlin, Second World War. Joshuaa Jewish boy, he is separated from his dog Zack after the promulgation of the Nuremberg racial laws. Adopted by an SS officer, Zack – renamed Blitz – comes trained as a guard dog in concentration camps. The German Shepherd then begins to spend his days attacking and rounding up the detained Jews. Until, during a raid, Joshua is captured and taken to the prison camp where Zack lives. Recognizing the boy by his smell, the dog decides to help him escape. Strengthened by their complicity and inability to betray each other, Zack and Joshua will try to reach Israelin the hope of being able to start living again.

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To give life to this intense and touching story is August Mature, who plays the role of little Joshua. The young actor made his debut in serie Disney Channel Girls Meets World and has already taken part in some feature films, including The Nun Рspin-off of the saga The Conjuring Рand indie horror Slapface. They then complete the cast Ayelet Zurer, Ken Duken, Lois Robbins, Levente Molnár, Hans Peterson, Peter Linka, Peter Schueller and the young Rebeka Rea. The film Рa United States Hungary co-production Рis then directed by Lynn Roth, primarily known as a producer. Roth also wrote the screenplay, adapting the novel The Jewish Dog by Israeli writer Asher Kravitz. Zack, hero dog it is not so based on a true story, as often happens for projects that tell of events that took place in the concentration camps. Known internationally as Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog the film was presented in the festival circuit and then distributedbetween 2020 and 2021, above all in streaming o in home video. The premiere on Rai Uno is therefore an unmissable event for rediscovering a captivating and original story, which narrates from a new point of view Рthat of a dog Рthe horrors and atrocities of war, alongside the pure and innocent one of a child. Programming for Remembrance Day has therefore officially begun.

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