The players were playing in the wrong shirts. A mishap of the Croatian national team at Euro 2020

Croats played four matches at Euro 2020. The team was eliminated in the 1/8 finals, losing to Spain. It was only after this defeat that it became apparent that the players of this team were wearing T-shirts with the incorrect national emblem throughout the tournament. The portal “Sportske Novosti” was the first to inform about the gaff.

At each of the matches played during Euro 2020, Croats appeared in T-shirts with the wrong print. As indicated by the foreign media, the flag matched, but the country’s coat of arms was problematic.

Usually it is shaped like a checkerboard disc and contains 13 red and 12 white pain. What is important, the first field in the upper left corner of the emblem is red. Above the checkered shield there are five smaller shields representing five historical lands from the left:

  • Northern Croatia,
  • The Dubrovnik Republic,
  • Dalmatia,
  • Istria,
  • Slawonii.

However, the emblem on the shirts of Croatian players began with a white field. The country’s journalists wonder why no one noticed this mistake.

Interestingly, the Czechs and the Harms had the correct coat of arms of that country on their shirts during their meetings with Croatia. The players of England and Spain, in turn, did not have it on their shirts at all. Their uniforms only showed the date of the match and the name of the opponent.

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