The Pierre-Gaudet 2021 scholarship awarded to Florent Pariseau

REGIONAL. At its Annual General Meeting, the Agence forestière des Bois-Francs presented Florent Pariseau with the Pierre-Gaudet 2021 Scholarship in recognition of his contribution to the development of the private forest of Center-du-Québec.

The forest property that this Victoriavillois has been managing for many years needed a lot of care. “We take something that has no value and we give it to it through our work,” says Mr. Pariseau. This maxim inherited from his father reflects well the perseverance he had to show to achieve such beautiful plantations.

Mr. Pariseau is passionate about forestry. Almost all of his free time is spent doing forestry work on his own property. He is also a strong advocate for the interests of private woodlot owners. His active involvement in the Société sylvicole Arthabaska-Drummond is proof of this.

An innovator at heart, Mr. Pariseau is constantly on the lookout for relevant information from forestry specialists to improve his working methods. Today, its coniferous red pine and white spruce plantations are over 60 years old and have reached maturity. With the collaboration of engineers and forestry technicians, he is therefore busy harvesting them and gradually converting them into plantations of noble hardwood species such as red oak, yellow birch or late cherry. He thus hopes to establish plantations that will have better resilience in the face of climate change.

Having taken over from his father Rolland, Florent Pariseau is an emeritus silviculturist. The skills and experiences acquired over time have enabled him to win numerous forestry awards. This recognition issued today by the Forestry Agency is therefore added to a long list of rewards that the father and the son have received in recent decades.

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The Pierre-Gaudet Grant was established by the Agency in 2019 following the death of Mr. Gaudet, who was president of the organization for the first 22 years of its existence. This scholarship is awarded annually to people or organizations in the Central Region who stand out for their integrity, innovation, perseverance, altruism, respect and humility.

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