The Pasqualina Cake by Benedetta Rossi: recipe and video

Genoa – The Pasqualina cake is a savory cake typical of the Easter period. A dish of the Ligurian tradition, simple, but at the same time rich and tasty. As with many other Ligurian preparations, it is based on herbs and cheese. We offer you the recipe of Benedetta Rossi, who on the blog Homemade by Benedetta makes all his dishes known (he is also present on TV).

A slightly different version from the traditional Genoese recipe of the Pasqualina cake (especially as regards the filling), which would be over 600 years old. Benedetta Rossi prepares a base of shortcrust pastry, easy and quick to make at home thanks to the presence of the Pizzaiolo Yeast PANEANGELI. “The peculiarity of this cake is that each slice is a surprise. In fact, before cooking, raw eggs are added on top of the ricotta and spinach mixture which, once cooked, are the wow effect of the Pasqualina cake. , to get a perfect result, create small cavities in the filling with the help of a spoon and then break the eggs inside them. You will amaze all your guests “. Now the ingredients used by Benedetta Rossi:

  • For the Brisè Pasta: 150 ml of water; 150 ml oil; 1 tsp salt; 1/2 sachet of PANEANGELI Pizzaiolo Yeast (about 2 teaspoons); 400 g flour;
  • Ingredients for the filling: 250 g ricotta; 450 g boiled spinach; 1 egg; 2 tablespoons grated cheese; 1 pinch of salt; nutmeg to taste; 3 eggs to add on top of the filling; Ungiteglia.

Below the video, available on YouTube, there was no shortage of comments. “We Genoese, in the pasqualina cake, we put the chard – the prescinsoua – the pine nuts – the bread soaked in milk – the marjoram – parmesan. Logically, the many sheets above (as per tradition) cannot be made. But a single sheet is enough. “writes Amanda.

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