The Paris Bourse rebounds by 0.48% after five sessions of decline

The Paris Bourse ended up 0.48% Thursday, ending five sessions of decline in a quiet market in the absence of American investors due to the holiday of Thanksgiving.

The flagship index rose 33.64 points to 7,075.87 points. The day before, it had ended with an anecdotal drop of 0.03%.

After three fairly volatile days, the Paris Stock Exchange experienced a calm session, fluctuating little and in low trading volumes. She finished the opening close to her level.

There was a bit of preparation ahead of the Wall Street holiday with position closings that explained the variations. Today, it is the backlash of all this, analyzed with AFP Delphine Di Pizio-Tiger, general manager of Indosuez management.

The trend initiated by the reappointment of Jerome Powell as head of the American Federal Reserve (Fed) on Monday persists, with a rise in rates in the bond market compared to the start of the week, but this movement essentially catches up to their decline before the announcement, she explains.

More and more market players are thinking and acting as if the Fed is going to raise its key rates for the first time since 2018 in June, adopting a more restrictive monetary policy at a later date than previous estimates.

These movements had led to the taking of profits on technological stocks. They rebounded a little on Thursday, for example with a gain of 1.13% for Capgemini and 1.92% for Dassault Systmes.

For its part, the European Central Bank remains embarrassed by the high uncertainty surrounding inflation, according to the minutes of its last meeting published on Thursday. It should maintain an accommodative stance longer than the Fed.

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Other news from the session, the German gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 1.7% in the third quarter, announced Thursday the federal institute of statistics Destatis, revising by 0.1 point the drop to its initial estimate published at the end of October. .

Growth figures are dragged down by consumption, but savings are observed to have returned to their pre-Covid level, after a sharp increase during the worst of the pandemic. Demand is likely to drive GDP less in the coming months, explains Delphine Di Pizio-Tiger.

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The stock soared 13.43% to 212euros after the spirits group raised its annual forecasts in the wake of a doubling of its half-year net profit while its current operating margin hit an all-time high.

In its wake, Pernod Ricard gained 2.45% 213 euros.

Housing supported by Germany

The land has been driven by the dynamics of the new coalition in power in Germany, which plans to build 400,000 new homes per year, including 100,000 from public funds.

Gecina took 2.04% 122.35 euros, Covivio 2 %% 74.56 euros. Commercial real estate has also benefited from sympathy for the entire sector, according to Ms. Di Pizio-Tiger. Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield ended up 3.01% 66.34 euros, Klepierre up 2.93% 20.76 euros and Mercialys up 1.06% 9.05 euros.

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