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Pei-kun, whose mysterious behavior of moving his neck attracted attention[Photo courtesy of chopper-* (@ choppar1love725)]

Parakeets are a popular bird for pets. Many people will notice their lovely appearance, such as chatting and riding in their hands. However, did you know that there are more than 300 species in the parrot family, and they behave strangely depending on the breed and gender? On Twitter, a lot of attention is being paid to videos that contain some sort of “uneune” movement. The reason is … We talked to the owner.

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The next moment when I brought my right hand closer to let me ride …

The parakeet standing on the perch of the bird cage is “Pei”, a species called parrotlet. I’m a three and a half year old boy. The owner welcomed me at the end of last year because the previous owner was in poor physical condition and could not keep it. Originally it was called “Rei”, but it was renamed when it was picked up. It became the current name that my son suggested.

One day, the owner put his right hand into the bird cage to make Pei “ride”. The owner at that time was expecting Pei to jump on with Pyon reflexively. However, the movement I actually showed was something I had never imagined.

As soon as his hand approached, Pei shook his head. The owner withdraws his hand and tries again, but again, it’s uneune. Unfortunately, hand riding was not realized.

According to the owner, Pei’s mysterious movement is the “courting behavior” shown by the male parrotlet. The budgerigar boy “Poo” and the parrotlet girl “Mame” who live together do not make this move.

When this video was released on Twitter, it quickly received a great response, collecting 30,000 likes. In the reply, there are also reactions such as “This movement is addictive. I see it many times.” “Every time I see Uneune, I laugh aloud.” “Stop because I can laugh (laughs).” ..

Also, a follower who also owns a parrotlet commented, “My child is a vertical swing type, but I also like horizontal swings. It’s really interesting.”

The owner will continue to challenge Pay-kun’s hand riding. And now, I’ve finally succeeded. The owner also released a video of this situation. In the post on Twitter, “Pe-chan got in the hand !!!” and the excitement of succeeding in the hand riding is spelled out.


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