The Oxford University vaccine to counter Corona will be produced in Mexico and Argentina

Bonius Iris / Anatolia

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez announced, Wednesday, that the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford in Britain to confront the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) will be produced in his country and Argentina.

This came in statements made by President Fernandes, during a press conference, in which he explained that the potential vaccine that is being developed in cooperation between the Jenner Institute in Oxford, and the vaccine group at the same university, has reached the third stage now.

He confirmed that this vaccine will be produced in Argentina and Mexico for the benefit of Latin American countries except for Brazil, indicating that they are planning to obtain it during the first half of 2021, and that they will produce between 150 to 250 million doses from it.

Fernandes pointed out that the price of a single dose may range from 3 to 4 dollars, adding, “According to an agreement with the Carlos Slim Foundation, based in Mexico, the Latin American region will arrive at an early date.”

The University of Oxford is working with AstraZeneca, a British biopharmaceutical products company, to develop, mass manufacture and distribute the COVID-19 vaccine.

There are plans to develop clinical trials and produce an Oxford vaccine on a global scale.

This project received additional stimulus when the British government provided funding of 84 million pounds to help accelerate development of the vaccine.

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