The organizer has suspended the sale of tickets for the Morgenstern concert in Moscow

The organizer has suspended ticket sales for Morgenstern’s concert. The rapper was supposed to perform at the capital’s Gipsy club on November 26. It was decided to postpone the event until next year.

“Friends, unfortunately Morgenstern will not be able to perform at Gipsy. The concert is postponed until 2022. We did our best. Do not swear, you understand, it happened for reasons beyond our control, ”the club’s website said.

Anyone who bought tickets for the rapper’s performance will be able to get their money back or go to the Slava Marlow concert.

Earlier, journalists said that Morgenstern, who had left Russia, was noticed in Dubai. The performer went to the UAE with his wife, having departed from Minsk. On the eve, the head of the RF IC, Alexander Bastrykin, said that the rapper was selling drugs on social networks.

According to the rapper’s director, in Belarus, Morgenstern simply had a concert planned. The rapper’s lawyer Sergei Zhorin also spoke about the situation. He assured that the musician does not sell illegal drugs. Now the Morgenstern restaurant is being tested for the illegal sale of alcohol.

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