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The reason why the indigenous cats will be stressed depending on the compatibility when the second cat is welcomed, saying “I’m sorry to have my cat stay at home alone” is the cat edition “” I’m sorry for being alone “. That’s why it’s a nuisance for cats to keep another cat? ” For cats who have a habit of acting alone, the feeling of being uncomfortable with “a stranger has entered my room” and “I entered first when I tried to enter the toilet” is easy to understand because it is familiar to humans. .. On the other hand, if the dog is based on herd behavior, is the situation different? We asked Dr. Haruka Takakura, who specializes in ethology.

Why the two are not on good terms

I think multiple dogs are better suited than cats. However, if multiple dogs live together, there will be superiority and inferiority. Either one will be in a superior position and will have priority in various situations. Can the owner approve it and treat it according to the ranking? I think that is the point.

About 20 years ago, I received a consultation from an owner with two Labrador female dogs. There are constant skirmishes, and when the owner is away, he bleeds each other and fights until his ears are torn off, so he wants to do something about it. Why did you get so bad? There were two causes.

One was that the two were females.In general, the same sex is more likely to have a conflict than the opposite sex.It is. In the case of males, when it comes to ranking, females want to eat food first, and they want to get closer to their owners.AlsoThere are places where females do not clarify the ranking, which is also a source of conflictIt was.

Even if the puppies are on good terms, they may quarrel with each other as the ego emerges. Photo by iStock

Another cause was the attitude of the owner.
When multiple dogs live together, strong and strong dogs will challenge to gain an advantage if they have a chance. Winning dogs get priority when they are fed or stroked by their owners. When that happens,The owner must also respect the superiority and inferiority of the dog and give priority to the superior dog... But the owner treated the two dogs in the same way. Therefore, the superior dog was dissatisfied, and the inferior dog seemed to be confused in his position.

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