The nurse who performed the blood transfusion, heard by prosecutors

Judicial sources told that the nurse would be the one who would have given the 68-year-old woman, on the night of June 13 to 14, a blood transfusion from group B, although she had group A, and the patient died a week later.

The policemen and prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office of the Bucharest Tribunal have not yet charged any person, the results of the laboratory examinations from the Institute of Forensic Medicine “Mina Minovici” in the two cases being expected. Investigators have requested forensic documents on the causes of the two deaths, so that it is known whether the facts can be attributed to medical fault, sources among the investigators told

Investigators have heard, since July 15, several employees from the Clinical Hospital for Plastic, Reconstructive and Burn Surgery in the Capital, including the head of the ATI department at the Burns Hospital, Dr. Adrian Stănculea, the head nurse of the same department, and the doctor Tudor Stăncioiu, the one who took care of the man who had worms in a wound.

The daughter of the man who died at the Arşi Hospital was heard on July 22 and at the same time she told investigators that she wanted to be a civil party in the case. The woman said after the hearings that the hospital employees did not do their duty and are responsible for her father’s death, telling them: “Shame on them”.

Doctor Camelia Roiu, who filmed the patient with worms in wounds from the Arşi Hospital, was heard on July 19, at the Capital Police, as a witness, declaring that she feels insecure and is obliged to witness helplessly generalized malpractice practiced and endorsed by all authorities ”.

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Camelia Roiu stated, after being heard, that following the notifications she made for the irregularities in the hospital, not only did the situation not change, but she also received threats from the former director of the Arşi Hospital and from Alin Ţucmeanu, during the period when he was secretary of state in the Ministry of Health.

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