The number of dead Russians with coronavirus exceeded 9.8 thousand: Society: Russia:


The number of dead Russians with coronavirus rose to 9859, 176 deaths were recorded over the past day. This was reported by the operational headquarters in its Telegram channel on Friday, July 3.



died in Russia after being infected with coronavirus as of July 3

Over the last day in Russia revealed 6,718 new cases of coronavirus in 84 regions. In total, 667,883 cases of coronavirus have been identified to date.

Earlier it was reported that Russia switched to a new, based on the principles of the World Health Organization (WHO) methodology for counting deaths from coronavirus. So, now those cases are taken into account when the COVID-19 infection led to a complication of the underlying disease that caused the patient’s death. In this regard, adjustments have occurred in the federal mortality statistics.

According to a project by Johns Hopkins University, the total number of coronavirus infected in the world by the morning of July 3 exceeded 10.8 million people. The increase in the number of infected per day amounted to more than 174 thousand. Over the entire period of the pandemic, 520,785 infected people died, 5.7 million people recovered.

An outbreak of COVID-19 pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus was first reported in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. On March 11, WHO announced a pandemic.

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