The new life of Rollo (ex cell 126), the nameless dog from Taranto locked up in a kennel for 16 years

Now he has a name, a home and all the love in the world. It is thanks to all the readers of La Zampa that the life of Cella 126 has changed forever. He was the nameless dog from Taranto who was looking for a home after 16 years, all of whom lived in kennels. One of the many “invisibles” who has never known anything other than bars and concrete.

His story and his big sad eyes, marked by a life behind bars without having committed any crime, have indignant and excited the hearts of many: the article was shared and commented a lot. And thanks also to this diffusion he has found the perfect family for him.

Cell 126, the nameless dog, comes out of his cage for a new life

This grandfather was requested by many: you literally flooded the volunteer Erika with requests. Answering everyone was impossible, but she immediately took action to send questionnaires and select the new family. A success that the Taranto section of the Oipa, which was promoting its adoption, would never have expected and that allowed the dog to also find a “close” family, just from Taranto.

Today Cella 126 is called Rollo. Seeing him come out of the kennel box was an incredible emotion. He didn’t believe his time had finally come. He was definitely scared: he was about to leave what for a lifetime he sadly called home, so much so that as soon as he had the chance he took a packet of sausages from the ground and ran back inside.

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To say it all are the touching images of this video, which show Rollo at the exit from the kennel and then in the new house with a beautiful garden with lots of above. Yes, because in 16 years Rollo had never had grass under his paws, and seeing him surprised by that incredible feeling that is freedom is priceless.

Cell 126 is now called Rollo, here are his first steps in his new home

Rollo is a very quiet dog: now he is settling in his new home, surrounded by the love of a large family. He will need some time to adjust to the new arrangement, but he is already enjoying all the comforts that home life has to offer. And knowing that he will spend his golden years as a prince fills our hearts with pride in the work we do and the support we receive from you readers. Good life to Rollo and cheers La Zampa.

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