The new crossing of messages between Cande Tinelli and Rebecca Fox

Candelaria tinelli echoed the fury of Rebecca Fox, the British model who since 2016 “denounces” that Marcelo Tinelli’s daughter copies his style and that in recent days he again pointed against her, and responded. However, influence International did not remain silent and attacked the singer.

“I reply to your messages: I don’t have time for shit and people who want fame. It bores me, “Cande began in an Instagram story. And continued: “I don’t copy anyone. A fucking tattoo on my face that would blow me away from what a fart he is“, he sentenced.

“Do not illuminate people who are in the dark. I only think about my mother’s health. Everything else really seems irrelevant to me, “said Marcelo Tinelli’s daughter and Soledad Aquino, who recently received a liver transplant after being discharged from the Covid-19 that he had contracted. “Pd: life is what happens outside of social networks,” he concluded.

Rebecca Fox responded to Cande Tinelli

Before the publication of Cande Tinelli, Rebecca Fox -who deleted his previous tweets- he charged again against Lelé: “I deleted my tweets but I’m sorry. It’s annoying that she says I’m behind her ‘fame’. It wouldn’t matter if I had 1 follower or 1 million followers, I can defend myself. A simple ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ would have been nice , but clearly you are in denial and ashamed“fired the british model against the daughter of Marcelo Tinelli.

Rebecca Fox vs. Cande and Mica Tinelli

“I don’t even want to keep talking about the girl but the responses from her and her sisters are just horrible and annoying. I’m human. Fame = nothing. Money = nothing. Originality = everything. However, that doesn’t seem to matter to you, “the influence against Cande, whom he accuses -since 2016- of copying his tattoos, the style of his nails and “even the pets.”

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Rebecca Fox vs. Cande and Mica Tinelli

“Actually, I can’t believe she used the fact that she’s famous against me hahahahaha, she copied my whole life and laughed at me because she thinks i’m famous and i want a ‘piece of her fame’. That is so irrelevant. Just say you’re sorry and move on. Oh man this sucks, “Rebecca Fox finished her attack on Cande Tinelli.

Cande Tinelli aimed at Rebecca Fox

Despite wanting to leave the subject there, Cande wet Rebecca’s ear this Sunday, June 27, sharing images of her fans, who tattooed the same designs of Tinelli’s daughter.

Tattoos fans Cande Tinelli

Thanks for talking so much about me. PS: be free to do whatever you want. Besis to all “, Cande launched in a last message after the artillery that Rebecca launched.

Cande Tinelli vs. Rebecca Fox

What Mica Tinelli said against Rebecca Fox for Cande

Micaela Tinelli, who does not usually get into public conflicts and keeps his profile as low as possible, came out in defense of his sister with all the claws. “The whole quilombo caused me a lot of humor on Twitter, because I started to read the trends there, and I don’t know why Cande, Lelé, my sister, from she is crazy, Rebecca I don’t know how much, which says that Cande ‘cloned his life’, something like that, please, “the 32-year-old fashion entrepreneur began by saying.

And he continued: “Well, we agree that Twitter is the sewer of social networks. The truth is that social networks are becoming more and more sewers and that is because people have more and more shit * and more poison inside …” He said, adding: “You have to always try to abstract yourself from that negativity and all those nefarious things.”

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Mica and Cande Tinelli

“Oh, please! For copying two tattoos. Who has not copied someone’s tattoo … Well I say that all of us capable of copying a tattoo … It’s a tattoo,” he said. a lot, I don’t know what you will do with your life … I was gossiping on Twitter and I think he sells erotic videos, maybe he’s doing badly and needs a bit of fame that girl… I thought it was very extreme and funny ”.

The eldest daughter of Marcelo Tinelli and Soledad Aquino remarked that she also looks for references in international celebrities: “She said something like that she copied the nail design and well, everyone, I also look for references or I look at the Kardashians to see the designs of Nails that are done. I leave my nails on my highlights so that you can do them. No, no, no, it’s very funny, “he exclaimed.

Finally, he said: “It is a release of something that I found funny because there were memes. I mean, I laughed but hey, 2021 and there are so much more important things in life. So, I wanted to make that mini download”, concluded Mica your defense.


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