The new blue bag arrives this Thursday in Walloon Brabant: what does that change?

Small revolution to come in household garbage cans in Walloon Brabant. The new blue bag, already adopted in other municipalities in Wallonia, arrives in the province on Thursday and thus replaces the traditional PMC bag. While there were still many exceptions in the plastics accepted in PMC bags, this new bag will accommodate almost any plastic household packaging that until now ended up in conventional bins.

In addition to bottles and flasks, we can also throw in yoghurt pots, trays of butter, mushrooms, cheese or cold meats, pots and tubes, plastic bags and films or even flower pots. Metal packaging such as cans and cans, and beverage cartons will still be accepted. However, in this new blue bag, packaging composed of a mix of materials (for example a layer of plastic film and a layer of aluminum film), bottles containing harmful products and packaging of engine oils, etc. .

For a good recycling, on the other hand, it will be necessary to take care to empty, drain and flatten all the packaging, and not to overlap them one in the other. If they are dirty or poorly separated, they may not be recognized at the sorting center and therefore not be recycled.

Objective: reduce residual waste by 8 kilos

This new blue bag should make it possible to recycle more plastics and reduce residual waste. Last year, 4 million blue garbage bags were distributed in Walloon Brabant and Braine-le-Comte and nearly 6,000 tonnes of waste ended up in PMC bags, or 15 kilos per inhabitant. This represents an increase of 13.8% compared to 2019, which can be attributed to confinement. With these new sorting rules, the objective is to arrive at around 23 kilos of PMC collected per year and per inhabitant, and thus to reduce the weight of household waste by 8 kilos.

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Note that the introduction of the new blue bag does not change the collection dates or the price of the bag (€ 0.15 per bag). The old blue bags remain valid without time limit. It is therefore always possible to take them out on the sidewalk after the introduction of the new bag.

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