The nature and origins of the dog from the movie The Mask

Relatively Alabai, Labrador or Chow Chow, this breed is young: it appeared only two centuries ago. The long name, according to the spelling of which there are discussions, is the name of the priest who bred this breed.

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The origin of the Jack Russell Terrier breed

The Jack Russell Terrier was bred in the 18th century in Devon, Great Britain. Founder breed, after which she was named – the priest John Russell, who was born into a family of fox hunters. For many years John, nicknamed Jack, has devoted himself to breeding.

He wanted to have a dog that would keep up with the horses, run with the hounds and was small enough at the same time. The goal is to dive into holes and chase foxes out of there.

While studying at Oxford, John saw and acquired the ideal dog for his purpose, owned by a milkman. It is believed that this was the first dog, now known as the Jack Russell.

The Jack Russell Terrier was bred by crossing a dachshund with a Welsh Corgi and a Parson Terrier / Photo from Pixabay

Parson Russell Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier

Do not take these two names as synonymous: they are two separate dog breeds that are recognized by cynological associations. They are related and come from the efforts of the same priest John Russell.

The Jack Russell Terrier is based on crossing Parson Russell Terriers with Dachshunds and Welsh Corgi. Hence, it can be said that the former is the “father” of the latter.

Milo with Masks
Milo the dog from the legendary film “The Mask” / Photo from

The difference between the breeds is described in the Jack Russell Terrier document. according to the FCI standard. Dog handlers note that the difference is mainly noticeable in height and proportion.

  • the taller, more squarely built dog is the Parson Russell Terrier;
  • in short, slightly longer, but of proportional height – Jack Russell Terrier.

The ideal male Pars Russell Terrier is 35.5 centimeters tall, the ideal female is 33 centimeters. In this case, deviations are allowed within no more than 2 centimeters. At the same time, the growth of the Jack Russell Terrier is in the range of 25 – 30 centimeters.

Parson russell terrier
This is a Parson Russell Terrier / Photo from

Jack Russell Terrier personality

A dog of this breed is usually friendly, loyal, affectionate and has a strong character. Representatives of the breed can become favorites of an active family.

The breed is friendly, but mainly in relation to children and owners – their terriers adore. As for other domestic animals (cats, guinea pigs), they can be tight from former hunters.

Other Jack Russell dogs must be taught from childhood – the lack of early socialization is fraught with conflicts when meeting them.

Jack russell
Jack Russell Terriers love children / Photo from Pixabay

I want a Jack Russell Terrier: what you should pay attention to

Of course, all dogs are different and for each owner his pet is unique. However, there are common features of the breed that most representatives have. The main features jack russell, according to observations, such:

  • Activity. Movement is what the Jack Russells love more than anything else.
  • Loneliness. On the opposite field of Jack Russell’s values ​​are sadness and longing. Having closed Jack Russell in an apartment without toys and entertainment, on his return, the owner risks seeing the ruins. The animal begins to get bored, and its poor health results in sabotage.
  • Strong shedding. The coat from this dog is clearly visible on dark furniture and carpets.
  • Stubbornness. If Jack Russell doesn’t like something, it’s hard to convince him.
  • Cunning. Clever Jack Russells can be very cunning looking for goodies or avoiding training. The owner should always keep this in mind and not be fooled.
  • A passion for digging. The habit of digging the ground in terriers has remained since the time when foxes were expelled from their holes. Taking such a kid to the dacha, you can be left without a vegetable garden.
  • Aggressiveness and jealousy. They do not tolerate competition on their territory, even from their own kind, they are bad friends with other animals and can begin to make losses if they see that their beloved owner pays attention to someone else.

Jack Russell won’t have an hour of lazy jogging on a leash a day. Running through puddles, playing ball, chasing birds – all this should be in their life, otherwise the excess energy will subsequently transform into bad habits: the dog will gnaw furniture, things, and may break or break something.

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