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Winston Churchill has returned to the fore decades after his death. Attacks on his effigies and questioning of his figure in anti-racist demonstrations in the United Kingdom have brought the figure of the British Prime Minister into vogue during World War II. And also on the Internet.

For several weeks, the Google search tool, which in the case of great characters shows a tab with their image, in the case of the English leader, overturned a mysterious gray silhouette. Doubts about whether the company was practicing any kind of censorship on the controversial figure of Churchill, defended by his heir in office Boris Johnson and accused of racism by protesters of the Black Lives Matter movement, led the head of Culture of the British Executive, Oliver Dowden, to ask the company about it.

“I spoke to Google in the United Kingdom,” the conservative politician said in a tweet last day 14. “I am waiting for an explanation from him, although they believe that it is a mistake rather than deliberate action.”

The company’s response came soon after. “We are aware that an image of Sir Winston Churchill has disappeared from his graph of knowledge [una selección de imágenes y contenidos relacionadas con su búsqueda] in your Google entry. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. He did not go to the post and we will solve it. The images in those panels are automatically created and updated. During one of the updates, they may disappear for a short time. “The company assured that, in addition to that failure, several users had alerted him that the results did not appear the first mandate of the British leader, nor those of his counterparts Harold Wilson, Ramsay MacDonald, and Stanley Baldwin.

After a few hours, Google managed to fix the problem, which it attributed to the fact that, in late April, several users commented that the then-disappeared image of Churchill that accompanied the file was not representative of the president for showing it when he was young. Company operators blocked that image for the system to select another, but that process, which usually resolves quickly, was delayed due to a scheduling problem.


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