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Stavanger municipality has sent letters to local football clubs, where they threaten to follow the clubs under private law that do not comply with the national recommendation.

In recent days, several clubs in Norway have come out and said that they will defy the national recommendations not to train with contact.

In Rogaland, even several clubs have admitted that they have trained with contact.

According to national recommendations, almost no 50,000 wide football players have been allowed to train with contact since March last year.

Should football teams in Stavanger break this recommendation, they may in the final analysis exclude certain teams or entire sports teams that deliberately break the recommendation of a meter distance after 28 May.

They can also close municipal sports facilities in their entirety.

“This is of course not something the municipality wants, but we see it as necessary to prevent violations of infection control recommendations from spreading within sports and in other areas of society, the municipality writes in the letter.”

– It is important for us to be clear on what we expect. If not followed, this could have consequences, says director of urban environment and development in Stavanger municipality Leidulf Skjørestad.

Stavanger municipality has in a letter to the wide football clubs threatened to close the courts if they do not stop with contact training.

Photo: Erik Waage / NRK

Threatens to close children’s and youth football

The municipality of Stavanger owns and operates all the football facilities in the municipality. They are also the ones who allocate training times.

– Step 1 will then be that we take back the training times for teams that do not comply with the rules. If that doesn’t work, we can choose to close the entire sports facilities, says Skjørestad.

He has sympathy and understanding that the discussion about training with contact takes time, but encourages the clubs to work through the sports bodies to put in place an earlier reopening of grassroots sports.

Coach for Brodd in the 3rd division Ali Kilinc says this is something their team has to respect.

– When this comes from the highest level, we must take note and continue to be patient, Kilinc says.

Ali Kilinc, head coach of Brodd FK

Head coach for Brodd FK Ali Kilinc says they must relate to what the municipality says.

Photo: private

– We can take a waltz

The threat of closing down entire sports teams was something the Brodd players did not have the heart to bear.

– I work with children and young people in Brodd. We can not be the ones who close the activity for children and young people, he says.

Saturday will be a party.

– We’ll take a trip to Beverly tomorrow. That’s the law. There we can dance a little waltz on the square. There is a lot you can do, apart from football, says Kilinic.

Chairman of the board of Sunde IL Ola Barkved agrees with Kilinc. Now just stop.

– There’s only one thing to do. Power has spoken and breadth has been defeated, says Barkved.

Chairman of the board of Sunde IL Ola Barkved

Chairman of the board of Sunde IL Ola Barkved.

Photo: Private

Loses confidence

However, he does not think anything of it. Sunde’s a-team had their first training with contact on Thursday.

– You should have seen joy in the players yesterday when they had played with contact. It was like May 17 and Christmas Eve at the same time. Now I am very disappointed. This is very sad, says Barkved.

He believes that Minister of Culture Abid Raja must take his share of the blame for the so-called broad mutiny that has taken place.

– We can not trust the Minister of Culture. We could have waited for three weeks, but all confidence in him is gone, he says.

Barkved believes that the corona pandemic has always been seen as a charity event, but that grassroots sports are now the only thing left.

– We who have been a part of volunteer work know that the worst is when people start going home, and those who are left behind do not even get a thank you, he says.

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