the Municipality covers the expenses for 73 percent

FANO – Despite everything, the Fano theater activity managed by the Teatro della Fortuna Foundation continues. It does so by putting in place all possible precautions to defend the public from Covid attacks: there are the obligations to present the reinforced green pass, to wear the Ffp2 mask, to sanitize hands at the entrance, to observe a suitable distance while waiting. of the entrance. The desire to continue the activity in the presence as long as it is possible, after the experience of the shows represented online, an experience that had no alternatives but which was not very attractive, is attested by the approval of the budget for the year in course.

The uncertainties for Covid

A budget that provides for a movement of income and expenses of 681,000 euros, of which 500,000 make up the contribution paid by the Municipality of Fano, equal to 73 percent of the income. The auditors themselves did not overlook the fact that the prevailing pandemic could again impose the conduct of the activity in the absence of the public and this could cause management difficulties. The income from shareholder contributions and sponsorships for a total amount of 95,000 euros (45,000 by members 50,000 by sponsors) must be carefully monitored and the related expenses committed only to the actual collection. The college also advises to carefully evaluate all the activities and procedures deemed necessary for the collection of any credits. In fact, the private part covers only about 15% of the total expenses. The other revenues account for approximately 10% of the total.

Expenses in strong increase

Among other things, expenses show a strong increase in terms of personnel costs, with a consequent greater rigidity and relevance of fixed costs in the financial statements. The same evaluation applies to the artistic performances for which an increase of about 12 percent is expected and in general also for the other costs for which increases of the order of 5 – 10 percent are expected. Therefore, in this situation, the board of auditors recommended carefully weighing the expenses for which no planning is required in order not to compromise the balance of the budget. The whole activity was therefore planned taking into account these clarifications, ready to deal with even the most restrictive decisions that the Government could take.

The program of the shows

“For the prose sector – highlighted the president of the Fondazio Catia Amati – 4 titles have been scheduled from January to May: the comedy Couple open, almost wide open on January 9 last, Enrico IV on February 18, Open on 25 March and Loose Cannons on 29 April. For each comedy, 3 consecutive performances have been planned. For opera, the staging of the Italian in Algeri was announced on 3 and 5 February and Verdi’s Macbeth by Luigi Pizzi for next autumn. The symphonic season was inaugurated on 1st January with concerts proposed by the Rossini orchestra, with whose collaboration the Sunday concerts will also resume ».



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