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Ziyash Abdel Majeed/Oujda

At a time when the Moroccan people today are looking forward to observing the different state, semi-community and personal sector administrations shifting to the globe of seriousness to offer the essential situations for sustainable progress and economic and social take-off, for the prosperity of the region and the elimination of manifestations of corruption and backwardness, in implementation of the Substantial Royal directives,
At a time when its segments at home and abroad are mobilizing to rescue the victims of the Al Haouz earthquake, specific their solidarity with the family members of the martyrs, male and female, and with the injured, and ship and deliver resources to deal with needs in this hard circumstance, with the title of an total men and women facing the remnants of the tragedy and the harm brought on by the Al Haouz earthquake,
The Municipal Council of the Oujda Community refused to hold a special session up coming Thursday and Friday to explore and approve a place that was rejected in the former specific session by a greater part of votes, aiming to transfer the treatment method of general public squander liquids to a enterprise with a fiscal include approaching, according to some sources, to 65 billion centimes in addition to it. Guidance from the Ministry of the Interior amounting to 18 billion, and it is regarded that this is the exact organization that has been benefiting from the offer over pretty many years, without genuinely furnishing industry remedies, by ridding the place of ​​liquids or unpleasant odors, irrespective of issues from people of several neighborhoods of the town, and for the sake of So, some functions are striving, for obvious reasons, to put strain on advisors and wave honey spoons to persuade them to vote on the deal for the gain of this only business, which was reported to be the only one that applied to gain from the offer and which experienced formerly gained the ask for for intercontinental bids for a competing Swiss corporation in 2003?
Will folks of conscience vote on this exclusive deal although the country is active mobilizing financial methods to rebuild the areas affected by the earthquake, carry on treating the sick, and assure appropriate dwelling ailments for orphans, widows, and the elderly?
If this takes place, the Oujda neighborhood declares its departure from the straight line to further more distort the administration of collective affairs, immediately after the scandal of the urban transportation file, which emanated the smells of corruption, and the citizens of Oujda will carry on to go through their struggling with the general public dump and present this layer of community funds, amid unpleasant instances. The Moroccan individuals are deeply saddened by all those who have confirmed not able to satisfy their obligations and lead proficiently to increasing local community services and honoring the city and the region.
In this particular circumstance, it is no lengthier satisfactory for the Ministry of the Inside to stay considerably from the file, by following it up and auditing its details through its Typical Inspectorate, in line with the reports of the Supreme Council of Accounts and getting the vital actions to return matters to usual and maintain general public cash to be employed in what was allotted to it with out manipulation by any occasion.
Ziyash Abdel Majeed/Oujda

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