The mistake of an ertzaina in forbidding to go to work by bicycle




Updated:03/25/2020 13: 54h


– You know you can’t exercise, right?

– I’m not exercising, I’m going to my job.

– Don’t argue with me because if I take your newsletter from you, we’ll have it. You cannot go by bicycle, you have to use public transport.

– Is public transport safer than my bicycle?

– I tell you what they have decreed.

– You go to my factory and that’s where they should put order. That is a fucking shame.

– Don’t make me take out your newsletter and sanction you.

– Your partner stopped me and you haven’t told me absolutely nothing.

– I’m telling you what’s there. If I see you around here tomorrow with the bicycle I will sanction you.

– I’m not doing sports …

This is part of a discussion between a cyclist and people from the Ertzaintza that occurred this Tuesday, March 24, recorded by the cyclist himself, in which you can see how the officer abhors you for cycling on the bike path to your workplace.

Who is right? One of the thousand doubts of the users during this state of alarm decreed to fight the coronavirus. But the law is clear: an instruction from the authorities specifies that you can ride a motorcycle and a bicycle “through the expected causes of mobility in said decree and individually ». Or what it means: to work yes you can go by bike.


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