The miraculous qualities of mustard seeds

Natural remedy

In external use, in the form of poultices, mustard seeds are an excellent remedy for flu: they can decongest the airways in case of bronchitis, relieve rheumatic pain, make bruises disappear and drive away fever. But before applying poultices with mustard flour, a layer of greasy cream (Vaseline) must be applied to the skin.

You will need: mustard flour, warm water, a large gauze or a clean sock. Grind 3 tablespoons of mustard seeds, then gradually mix with water to obtain a thick paste. Put the paste in gauze or in the sock, tie it tightly and apply on the chest. Cover the poultice with thick wool scarves, leave to act for half an hour – an hour (as long as you can bear).

I keep my cholesterol under control

Administer 3 teaspoons of mustard seeds daily, half an hour before main meals. The berries are placed on the tongue and swallowed whole, with plenty of water. The treatment with mustard seeds lasts for 4 months, but the visible effects are seen after three weeks.

Regulates the digestive system

Those who suffer from chronic constipation should consume a teaspoon of mustard seeds with milk or water (every day the dose is increased to one tablespoon). This treatment is taken as a cure, for a period of one week, followed by a break of ten days.

Helpful in severe cases of bronchiolitis in children

These poultices or mustard baths applied correctly saved the lives of many children, who had bruised from severe cases of bronchiolitis. Also placed on the chest, mustard poultices soothe whooping cough in children and prevent serious complications.

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Relieves asthma symptoms

Asthma patients can breathe better after hot spices, such as mustard or garlic. They have mucokinetic power, ie the movement of mucus, but also have the power to dilute thick secretions and thus open the airways, greatly facilitating breathing.

Ideal for weight loss

Mustard seeds have a high nutritional value and contribute to fat burning, speed up metabolism and improve overall health. The beans should be added as often as possible to the food you eat. You can add them in sandwiches, salads, fish and chicken dressings or even in vegetable sauces. For quick effects, put 3 teaspoons of mustard seeds in a glass of water and drink the mixture before each main meal.

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