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The Ministry of Labor has made changes to the draft decree with the rules for the appointment of benefits for children from three to seven years old. They should take effect from April 1, 2021.

Let us remind you that the support measure appeared in June last year. It is received by families with children from three to seven years old, while the average per capita income is less than the regional subsistence level. The allowance was half the regional cost of living per child.

Now they want to make the benefit more targeted. Benefits will vary based on family income, taking into account government assistance. So, if even after the child benefit is accrued (50% of the child’s subsistence minimum), the family’s income has not reached the regional subsistence level, then the amount of the payment is increased to 75%. If this amount is not enough, then up to 100%

As the Ministry of Labor told Izvestia, most families will receive payments in late April – early May. According to the new rules, they will be calculated from January 2021.

Earlier it was reported that when assigning benefits, family and property savings will be taken into account. This will make it possible to identify citizens who are really in need. Now it became known that the requirements for receiving child benefits will be mitigated. So, social protection will not take into account shares in an apartment (house) that are less than or equal to one third. The size of the land plot has also been increased: now plots up to 1 ha are not taken into account for calculating the need (in the original version it was 0.25 ha).

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With regard to cars, the family is allowed to own a vehicle and receive an allowance, provided that the car is over five years old and has a capacity of up to 250 hp.

It is important that if the parents are divorced, then the property and income of the second parent will not be taken into account.

“The so-called“ zero income ”principle has been introduced. To receive the allowance, an adult family member must have received funds in one of the following categories throughout the year: income from labor, creative, entrepreneurial activity, scholarship or pension. If there is no such income, but there is an objective reason, then the allowance will be awarded, ”the newspaper said.

Previously, we published instructions on how to apply for a child benefit from three to seven years old according to the new rules.

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