The Ministry of Internal Affairs explained the disruption of the summer concert of the Anacondaz group in Perm

Many groups and artists have problems with organizing concerts, who spoke negatively about the special operation, like Anacondaz. After a series of disruptions to concerts, the group canceled all performances in Russia until the end of the year.

The police explained the disruption of the concert of the Anacondaz group in the Perm club “Michurin”. According to the representative of Invisible Promo Anastasia Shardakova, the police interrupted the concert without explanation, the listeners were kicked out, and the band’s tour manager and sound engineer were asked to proceed to the police department. The money for the tickets was returned to Perm residents, as the concert was not completed. As a result, the group did not receive a reward for the performance of 255 thousand rubles – they are trying to recover this money in court.

The representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs explained that on the day of the concert they received information about the mass event, and police officers are required to go to each mass event to check if there are any violations, Kommersant-Prikamye writes.

Already on the spot, the police found that fire safety standards were violated during the concert: the exits from the premises were blocked, and the club’s area did not allow meeting the requirement of 1 person per 1 sq. m. At the same time, the police representative did not name the exact area of ​​​​the premises. After the concert, an inspection was carried out by employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, who revealed violations. The court will continue to consider the claim on November 2.


It is noteworthy that before the performance of Anacondaz in July, concerts were already held in the Michurin club, at which, judging by the photographs, there were also crowds of people. However, these performances were not disrupted.

Before the performance in Perm, Anacondaz was disrupted in several other cities. The group is on the unofficial “Black List” due to their opposition to Russia’s military special operation in Ukraine.

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In Perm, the police disrupted the performance of the group Anacondaz

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