The Ministry of Education announces new measures to reduce the school backpack


Algeria: The Ministry of Education has announced new measures to reduce the school bag, by providing equipment in primary schools for the benefit of students.

In a letter to the presidents of the municipal councils, the directors of education called for the provision of drawers in the section or the corridors for the benefit of primary school pupils to help lighten the load of the school bag.

The correspondent indicated that the weight of the school bag still arouses the concern of the high authorities, as well as the parents of pupils, as to the risk of damage to the health of the pupils, because electronic boards and school books were used in the department and at home. to reduce their damage.

The correspondence addressed to the heads of the popular councils was accompanied by a technical sheet for the specifications of the drawers which will be used to store the school textbooks and was presented as follows:

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education

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