The Ministry of Education and Science of the Samara Region informs about conducting classes during the frost period – Northern Directorate

The decision to cancel classes in educational institutions of the Samara region is made by the head of the organization by issuing a local act based on a forecast of possible emergencies in the Samara region or an emergency warning associated with extremely low ambient temperatures, taking into account information about the current air temperature, wind speed , as well as tendencies to changes in meteorological conditions.

When the air temperature drops, the heads of educational organizations of the Samara region a decision may be made to cancel full-time studies at school:

  • below -25 ° С – for students from 1 to 4 grades;
  • below -27 ° С – from 1 to 8 classes;
  • below -30 ° С – from 1 to 11 grades.

In case of cancellation of full-time classes in general education organizations, it is necessary to organize training using distance educational technologies.
At the same time, the activities of the general education organization are carried out in accordance with the approved work schedule, the activities of pedagogical workers – in accordance with the established teaching load, the schedule of training sessions, and other employees – the working hours, shift schedule.
With students who came to the general education organization on the day of the cancellation of classes, it is necessary to organize the conduct of lessons, individual and / or group lessons and a diet. At the end of classes, minors are sent home accompanied by their parents (legal representatives) and (or) tutors, teaching staff.

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