The Minister of Health: We are being attacked by people who led to a complete catastrophe in the fight against the pandemic – Bulgaria

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One of the mistakes that led to the sad consequences of the COVID crisis was that politicians made decisions about things they did not understand. Now I want to return this normalcy – the experts to make the decisions … We are being attacked by people who led to a complete catastrophe in the fight against the pandemic. We are the last in terms of vaccination, the first in terms of mortality, the last in terms of the number of people tested, and the restrictive measures were applied for political and election reasons. These people, instead of apologizing, are trying to invent problems. “This was told to BNR by the Minister of Health, Dr. Stoycho Katsarov.

At the insistence of Katsarov, “Information Services” will remove the requirement for a qualified electronic signature in order to be able to print a vaccination certificate from the website of the national health information system. It is not clear when the relief was introduced. The necessary data for downloading a certificate without an e-signature will be the number of the vaccine, PIN and ID number, he explained.

According to him, the situation with the coronavirus is relatively calm, but the number of vaccinations is small. “Although we have reorganized the process, people do not want to be vaccinated. We have also launched an information campaign.” Earlier today, former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov told GERB’s leadership that the previous government had fought for 32-33 thousand vaccinated people a day, and now there are 3, 4, 7 thousand. “Even what is vital for the nation, they fail it, “Borissov said. The data from the Unified Information Portal show that in the last week the doses administered daily are between 5 and nearly 21 thousand.

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Donation of vaccines to countries in the Western Balkans that are not in the European Union is being discussed. “The interest is very high,” Katsarov said.

He explained his order to analyze mortality during the epidemic in the country. “The cause of the horrific deaths in our country during the pandemic must be investigated. The first goal is not to seek responsibility, but to make sure that this thing does not happen again. Because if we do not make an effort to analyze what led to horrific levels, this will happen to us again. If we are reasonable, we are obliged to check the circumstances and learn the lessons. If illegal behavior of officials is found, they will be held accountable. “

The Minister explained that so far there was no single protocol for the treatment of COVID-19, so he appointed a working group to draft the rules.

Dr. Katsarov commented on the problems at Alexandrovska Hospital. According to him, the condition of the medical institution in terms of money is bad, with a total financial loss of BGN 68 million: “Within days there will be decisions on the case. But the big debts have accumulated during the time of Dr. Kostadin Angelov.”

The Minister of Health informed that the plan for recovery and development is being worked on:

“It was mainly used to install styrofoam and insulate state and municipal hospitals. The EC has indicated that this needs to change. But under pressure from the government, this has not been done … We have a regional development program related to with ways to improve the ability and capacity of the health system to respond to such epidemics.It is about BGN 150 million.The deadline has been extended twice.There are no criteria for who can apply.Most hospitals do not know that they can apply “Now the criteria are being made again.”

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