The mayor of Strasbourg bans foie gras from official receptions

This is a decision that may not please Alsatian producers of foie gras. The environmentalist mayor of Strasbourg Jeanne Barseghian announces this Thursday that it has made the decision to no longer offering foie gras at official events organized by the city of Strasbourg “in line with its animal welfare policy“.

A decision taken to defend animal welfare

This decision is welcomed by the animal rights association PETA which thanks the Alsatian capital for its commitment to animals. “We thank the mayor of Strasbourg who sends a strong message that it is high time to give wings to local products without cruelty.“, explains Iris Douzet, spokesperson for PETA France.

Alsatian foie gras producers overwhelmed

But this decision is obviously not to the taste of the producers of Alsatian foie gras. They are only eleven, grouped under the Gänzeliesel label, and manufacture less than 2% of national production.

The repeated attacks against fatty liver are starting to tire Nicolas Lechner, President of the Association of Alsace Foie Gras Producers : “We suffer from covid, as everyone you will tell me. We also suffer from avian flu which comes every year because of migratory birds. We are suffering from the increase in the price of cereals which has a strong impact on our farms. We cannot not reflect on our prices, because people, after a while, no longer have the means either. ‘ban on foie gras one day from the Christmas market, because foie gras is part of the tradition in Alsace “.

Nicolas Lechner deplores that we are attacking local production, which does its utmost to respect animal welfare. “It’s a shame to put everyone in the same bag, he specifies. We may have 100,000 or 120,000 ducks in Alsace. In the Southwest, a breeder can have anywhere from 600,000 to a million animals. We let our ducks go out when we can and there is no bird flu. We give them corn, wheat from our production. Our circuit is complete from the little duckling to the plate, we can trace everything we do. Qualitatively, we pay great attention to this product which is dear to us “.

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