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A look behind the scenes at “Summer Academy transparent” on August 12th

08/05/2022 (pm/red) The Marburg Summer Academy opens its workshops for a look behind the scenes with the motto “Summer Academy transparent” on Friday, August 12th. This summer, two students from the French twin town of Poitiers are participating on a scholarship.

The courses from the educational area open the doors of their workshops in the Gymnasium Philippinum, in the Elisabeth School and in the commercial schools. On the visitor’s day, those interested can attend the following courses as part of the “Summer Academy transparent”:

Gymnasium of the Philippines
Ana Laibach “Free Painting – The Foreign & the Own”, András Ernszt “Abstract Painting”, Eva Naomi Watanabe “Free Modeling – Man and Nature”, Inessa Emmer “Experimental Printing”

Eckhard Froeschlin “Pastel Painting”, Emö Simonyi “Painting/Drawing – Portrait”, Lilian Hasler “Sculpture – Wood”, Mick Starke “In-Between – Spaces in Painting”, Rolf Steiner “Sculpture – Stone”

Commercial schools, auditorium
Martin Seidemann “Form and Abstraction”

The courses “Don’t mince words – Introduction to the art of free storytelling” with Christine Lander and “Clown + Costume” with Selina Senti want to offer exhibitions. Venue and time will be announced later.

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