The man of Zingaretti (paid by the Italians) sent to save Giani


He is paid by the Conte government to take care of the South. But Nicola Oddati, adviser to the Minister for the South, Giuseppe Provenzano, was sent to Tuscany at the head of a more important (almost vital) mission for the Democratic Party: to save the Red Region from the advance of the center-right in the next elections on 20 and 21 September.

The state pays. The PD collects (politically). Al Nazareno goes off the alarm: the latest reports finished on the table of the secretary Nicola Zingaretti give the candidate of the center-right Susanna Ceccardi on the rise. The leader of the Democrats, terrified by the possible victory of the Fdi-Lega-Forza Italia front in the red fort, sent his right arm to Tuscany. The most faithful Oddati has been entrusted with the task of helping the Pd candidate Eugenio Giani in the last week of the election campaign. Prepare for the final rush in a house-to-house battle. Vote by vote. Oddati, member of the national secretariat and coordinator of the political initiative of the Democratic Party, has organized a permanent war cabinet with the Tuscan coordinator of the Democratic Party Simona Bonafè and deputy Valerio Fabiani. He moved to Tuscany to plan the last leg of the electoral marathon. The goal is to avoid missteps. Define the agenda for the parade of the big nationals mobilized to defend Tuscany from the danger of a center-right victory. Try to give the dem candidate a shake.

All the leaders will arrive in Tuscany: Davide Sassoli, Gianni Cuperlo, Andrea Orlando, Stefano Bonaccini, Roberto Gualtieri. And then the closing scheduled for 18 September. Zingaretti will be on the 17th in the fiefdom of the left. Three stages in Viareggio, Livorno and Pistoia. Until Sunday extraordinary mobilization of the Democratic Party with the occupation of 500 squares, markets and gardens. The dem meet their people along with candidates, executives and administrators with mayors in the lead. Flyers with the program of the party and candidate Giani. Driving the war machine will be Oddati and Marco Furfaro, another member of the national secretariat. For the red mission in Tuscany, will Oddati be forced to subtract time from his commitment to the ministry? After the electoral campaign in Tuscany, will Zingaretti’s trust return to deal with the South?

Since December 2019 the right arm of the leader of the Democratic Party has collaborated as an advisor to the Minister of the South Provenzano. Salary of 40 thousand euros per year. Office that he will hold until the end of the mandate of the Conte executive. To do what? It is not well understood. The duties of the «consultant» Oddati have never been specified in the act of assignment of the assignment. Certainly, not to support the Democratic Party’s election campaign in Tuscany. But Oddati is a hollow politician. Expert in appointments and election campaign. He will have made times and commitments coincide. Former municipal councilor of Naples at the time of the mayor Rosa Russo Iervolino, Oddati was in pole position for a post as undersecretary in the Conte government: his name was canceled at the last minute from the list given to the premier by Zingaretti. Then came the repechage. In the past Oddati was a consultant for Ifel, a subsidiary of the Campania Region and a member of the Board of Directors of Scabec, the company that manages the cultural heritage of Campania.

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