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Under the leadership of the school and the college, all the teachers of the land resource management major keep in mind the mission of educating people for the party and the country, actively implement the party’s education policy and basic line, love their posts and work hard, earnestly carry out education and teaching work, continuously improve the quality of teaching, and be enthusiastic In public welfare undertakings, a series of achievements have been made in 2022.

The main achievements of the land resource management team of Northwest A&F University in 2022

Lide Shuren

(1) 8 undergraduates of the 2019 class are exempted from postgraduates: Chu Yuhan, Gao Chenxi, Liu Zhenhao, Zhou Ruitong, Shi Ranran, Li Simeng, Hou Ling, Zheng Peiyao

(2) 5 postgraduate students won excellent dissertations at the school level: Xu Xin (supervisor Zhang Daojun), Ding Rui (supervisor Chen Haibin), Yang Qi (supervisor Zhang Daojun), Guo Xiaoxian (supervisor Hou Xianhui), Wei Zihan (supervisor Xia Xianli)

(3) 5 graduate students received national scholarships: doctoral student Luo Bowen (supervisor Yu Jin), master student Yang Wanjing (supervisor Zhang Daojun), Zhang Yu (supervisor Zhang Daojun), Niu Wenhao (supervisor Zhang Bangbeng), Wang Chao (supervisor Zhang Daojun)

(4) 1 graduate student won the provincial outstanding graduate: Ning Jiachen (mentor Zhang Daojun)

(5) 3 graduate students won the school-level outstanding graduates: Xu Xin (mentor Zhang Daojun), Yang Qi (mentor Zhang Daojun), Ding Rui (mentor Chen Haibin)

(6) 2 undergraduates won the 100 Excellent Undergraduate Thesis of the school: Wang Rong (supervisor Zhang Pengbeng), Xu Yingxin (supervisor Zhao Kai)

Professional Construction

(1) The land resources management major has been approved as a national first-class undergraduate major construction site

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(2) The land resource management teaching team was approved as an excellent teaching team at the school level

(3) Prof. Xia Xianli leads the team of outstanding postgraduate tutors approved at the school level

(4) Two teachers Xia Xianli and Zhao Kai were promoted to third-level professors

(5) 2 teachers were selected into the school’s high-level person-time support plan (Chen Haibin, Hou Xianhui), and 1 teacher was promoted to the school’s high-level person-time support plan (Zhang Bangbeng)

(6) Jinbei won the first prize in the second Wisdom Tree Cup Course Ideological and Political Demonstration Case Competition

(7) Introduce 1 outstanding young teacher (Zhang Chaozheng, Huazhong Agricultural University)

scientific research project

(1) One project approved by the National Social Science Fund (Wang Zhibin)

(2) 4 projects approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (General: Yu Jin, Chen Haibin; Youth: Zheng Weiwei, Wang Qian)

(3) One humanities and social science project approved by the Ministry of Education (Jin Yaya)

(4) Approved for one key industrial chain project of the key R&D plan of Shaanxi Province (Zhang Bangbang)

(5) Approved 2 soft science projects of Shaanxi Provincial Agricultural Collaborative Innovation and Promotion Alliance in 2022 (Zhao Kai, Zhang Bangbeng)

(6) Approved 1 project of Shaanxi Provincial Natural Science Basic Research Program (Jin Yaya)

(7) Approved for 2 soft science projects in Shaanxi Province (Hou Xianhui, Chen Wei)

(8) Approved 1 social science project in Shaanxi Province (Wang Qian)

(9) Approved 1 project of Shaanxi Federation of Social Sciences (Jin Yaya)

(10) Approved 1 project of Peking University Lincoln Center Annual Research Fund (Wang Qian)

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(1) Published more than 70 papers in SSCI/SCI/CSSCI, including Journal of Rural Studies, Ecological Economics, Environmental Impact Assessment Review, Land Use Policy, Chinese Rural Economy, Chinese Land Science, Agricultural Economics, etc. periodicals

(2) Co-published 1 book (Zhao Kai)

social service

(1) Four consultation proposals written by Xia Xianli, Zhang Bangbeng, etc. were adopted and approved by the provincial and ministerial levels

(2) Participate in the research activities of rural revitalization cases of China Rural Development Foundation (Zhang Bangbang), and participate in the summary survey of the central designated assistance work (Zhang Bangbang)

(3) Participate in consulting services such as land price and intensive utilization evaluation of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Natural Resources (Li Shiping)

(4) Participate in various local professional trainings (Xia Xianli, Zhang Bangbeng, etc.)

In the new year and the new journey, Xinong Land Management will promote the construction of national first-class undergraduate majors with high quality, continue to improve the ability of educating people and professional influence, and cultivate more outstanding professionals for the development of the country and the region!

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