The Magic of Orlando reveals the secrets of the famous “theft” of the jersey of Michael Jordan


On Valentine’s Day in 1990, Michael Jordan scored 49 points in 47 minutes in a loss to the Magic, but if this game is legendary, the reason is quite different. That day MJ evolved with a number 12 flocked jersey, because his number 23 jersey had been stolen from the locker room. This case was so far unsolved even though Chris Johnson of Sports Illustrated had carried out an investigation 5 years ago to find out more, to no avail. The only conclusion he had come to was that the jersey had been stolen between morning practice and the pre-match. But the Magic has more information about it and decided to reveal it, 30 years later, in a video.

“That morning, after their shootaround, their locker room was prepared, with all the players’ shirts, the shorts, the necessary for the warm-up, everything. The locker room door was locked, locked, then we had an extra lock that we put on the door. There was only one person who had the key. The Bulls arrived, probably around 4:30 p.m. and when they walked into the locker room they saw the number 23 shirt was missing. They informed their superstar that his shirt was missing and it got him a bit frustrated, he was unhappy as he had never worn any other shirt than the number 23. When the game started the Bulls had a replacement shirt. , with unnamed number 12. A few days later, they discovered that a security person had a plan in place to retrieve the jersey, that it had in fact gone through another locker room. He had climbed to the ceiling, passed through a slab in the ceiling, went into the other locker room, took the shirt, and left it in the ceiling. Then I guess he had planned to come back a few days later, thinking no one would notice. ” Rodney “Sid” Powel, Magic operations director

So it seems that this security employee was discovered before he could recover the jersey, which was not really stolen.


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