The M5s branch comes out into the open. Four Grillini councilors snub (and archive) Virginia Raggi


Environment and climate change, mobility, jobs and the economy, physical and digital infrastructures, new technologies, culture and research as key themes within a plan “which aims to outline the vision of the future of the city of Rome, to be implemented also through high-impact measures, which go beyond the established schemes”. And above all the involvement of citizens, far from personalism.

It looks like the slogan of a party ready for the electoral campaign, and instead it is a sort of mini manifesto of the Five Star “rebels”. Donatella Iorio, Enrico Stefàno, Angelo Sturni, Marco Terranova and Alessandra Agnello, the “dissidents” of the Capitoline majority, come out.

Not at all in agreement with the re-nomination of Virginia Raggi and above all with the method applied in the choice, without comparison with the base and with the members, in controversy with the centralization of decisions around the mayor and her staff, critical for some time in the towards the leaders of the Movement, the councilors launch a sort of appeal through social networks. That sounds almost like an “overcoming” (and archiving) of the Rays era.

“A qualitative leap is necessary, such as the 5 Star Movement, to be achieved with the involvement of all willing and capable people, animated by our own spirit of renewal – they explain – we therefore believe that the right path is that of confrontation and debate with all the civic, social and political forces who care about the future of the Eternal City and its citizens with which to start a healthy and constructive path, taking advantage of experience politics and administration that we have acquired in recent years, and of the good and positive things achieved in Rome to date “.

Stefàno against the mayor: “No to a Rays bis”

According to the Capitoline pentastellati exponents “in recent weeks, the political debate in the city is expiring more and more. Empty slogans that launch simplistic solutions to complex problems, extreme personalization of the electoral contest to the frantic search for the ‘ideal’ candidate, all at the expense of the construction of a serious project that is founded on concrete proposals, carried out by a team of people, endowed with skills and vision. Rome is a complex city, which for years has been experiencing a decline that only a few have tried to counter “.

Here the criticism is also and above all directed to the re-nomination of Raggi. The key theme is the “involvement” of all the players in the field, of “men and women who want to get involved beyond political alignments and affiliations. We will have to face difficult challenges on whose solution the future of the next generations will depend. The environment and climate change, mobility, work and economy, physical and digital infrastructures, new technologies, culture and research, these are the main themes on which to base future political action, focusing on the reduction of social inequalities and rethinking the very concept of city, and of public spaces in particularly, with a view to sustainability, by finding a balance between development actions for an economic revival and quality of life for the entire city community “.

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All starting from the reform “from the strengthening of the decentralization of ordinary administration in the hands of the municipalities, Roma Capitale will have to be transformed into a City – State on the model of the other capitals and megalopolises of the world, respecting its millennial history, also rethinking the forms of financing with a specific identity in the State Budget – they add – we will have to work together with all the State Institutions so that, with a constituent reform, the importance of Rome as the capital of Italy, in its historical uniqueness and indissolubility, is recognized “. In short, this is how the grillina frond declares itself in the light of the sun.


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