The long road to “escape” (pictures)

Empty cities after lockdown (Credit: CNS/AFP via Getty Images)

[Look at China News, November 28, 2022]In fact, we have really been fighting the epidemic with all our strength, closing the city everywhere, and nucleic acid every day since this year, and it was actually okay before. The following sentences are true.

I and my family have personally experienced the whole process. After the Spring Festival (about the 12th of the first month), I went to Changchun, and then from Changchun to Hunchun, Tumen and other places in Yanji, and started a long “escape” road. I had a meal in Yanji City, and there was Yanji in the itinerary code (I didn’t know what the consequences were), and then I went to Hunchun, which is a border port, although this border port has been closed for two years due to the epidemic There are many, but it is still a “border port city”, which requires 24-hour nucleic acid. At that time, nucleic acid was paid, 10 mixed with 1, 10 yuan.

Later, in Hunchun, I heard that there was a case of taking the high-speed train from Jilin City to Hunchun, and the city might be closed, so I hurried north. I ran to Dongning City, Heilongjiang, and had a meal in Dongning City. I wanted to go to Suifenhe and found that nucleic acid was necessary to pass the high-speed gate. We went down to do nucleic acid. Who knew that the only nucleic acid point in Dongning City would be closed at 4 pm. And we arrived at 4:05. You can only nucleic acid on the second day and go on the third day. I made a lot of phone calls to the Epidemic Prevention Office, and learned that it can be done at the Municipal People’s Hospital for 40 yuan (or 38 yuan), and the results can be obtained the next day. So we had to leave the next day after finishing the work, but we were not allowed to go at the intersection of the expressway, saying that we had to get an itinerary code of “arrival and departure”, but that itinerary code was too difficult to log in, and we were stuck at the expressway It didn’t get better after 10 minutes, and then a young cadre who looked like a leader checked our nucleic acid and itinerary code and let us go.

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When I arrived in Suifenhe, I was a little shocked. This city, which had been closed for a long time, was actually so depressed. This was the most famous border port back then. We couldn’t see a single car on the whole street. The only car we saw was a police car. They stopped us, saying that the ban was just lifted yesterday, and that only single numbers were allowed, but we had an even number, and 2 points would be deducted. I discussed with him: We didn’t know that Suifenhe, a city with no cars on the roads, had the same number limit as Beijing, and no one told us whether it is okay for us to pay fines without deducting points. The answer is no.

After the fine was paid, we wanted to find a hotel to stay in, but found that there were basically no hotels open. Then I went to Liaoyuan again… Liaoyuan found a case of going to Changchun by high-speed train the next day. I immediately fled to Baishan City, and another case occurred on the third day in Baishan City. At this time, because my itinerary code has been to the border cities of Hunchun and Suifenhe in the past 14 days, the Beijing health code has popped up, and I cannot return to Beijing, and there is an urgent matter in Beijing to see me for a meeting. So I went from Baishan to Yanjiao overnight, and the second day after arriving in Yanjiao, the meeting was not held yet, and it was said that there was a case in Langfang.

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Then Yanjiao closed the city and banned people from entering Beijing. If we didn’t do nucleic acid tests in hotels, we might be reported. So I did nucleic acid tests in Yanjiao for 19 consecutive days, and finally I was able to return to Beijing (in the end, I didn’t know how many cases there were in Yanjiao). After returning to Beijing, Didi taxis were not allowed on the south side of Chaoyang Road within a few days, and it was half closed. @刘春非叫我去@他已经回答医院酒吃酒,I rode a shared bicycle to the north of Chaoyang Road, rode for 45 minutes, and then took a taxi to arrive, but Liu Chun thought I was late and ran away. In a few days, my friend, Shen Qing, a folk singer who sang “Youth”, bought an electric car because he couldn’t take a car. The first day (or maybe the second day) of buying it was in early May. , fell down on the road while riding a bicycle, and passed away after several hours of rescue. I drank a lot of wine at home that night and shed a lot of tears. Since then, I haven’t left the house much for more than half a year.

Shen Qing and I have a wechat group where friends drink and drink. In the past six months, our group has been blown up twice and rebuilt twice, and Shen Qing has been pulled into it each time, so we feel that he is still there.

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