The lineup of the Marracash concert in Rome

Recovery date for the rapper: tonight’s concert, Friday 23 September, is the one that was skipped last June 1st

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The live appointments of Marracashwhich started from the Assago forum, in Milan, for his autumn tour in theaters and sports halls. There are already numerous dates inserted by the artist in his indoor calendar between now and the next few weeks, which promise to be very successful for the rapper, especially in light of the gratifying results obtained in the double date in Milan. The concert at the sports hall in Rome this evening, Friday 23 September, was included in the calendar as a recovery of the date of 1 June 2022, which Marracash was unable to perform. The organization has informed that previously purchased tickets for the June event are also valid for rescheduling.

Marracash in concert in Rome, the lineup


Marracash, the People Tour kicks off from Assago. Review and interview

Marracash is one of the most loved artists of the moment. The musical parable of him is constantly increasing thanks to the constant introduction of new fans in his audience. Marracash is liked by the very young but has kept the audience that started following him at the dawn of his career, boys and girls who are adults today but who have not stopped listening to his music and attending his concerts. The repertoire by Marracash is very broad, even if it does not range between genres, it is the themes that change and make each of his productions unique and different. Those who listen to him have shown that they appreciate the songs that address social issues, one of the main topics of his production. There ladder organized by Marracash for the concert in Rome and, in general, for all autumn concerts, it includes an excursus between the oldest and most recent songs, in a journey into the music of the artist who satisfies all the requests of his admirers. Unless there are sudden changes, the order of the songs should be very similar to this:

  1. Body Parts – I denti
  2. Something to Believe in – The Skeleton
  3. Their
  4. Clown
  5. Cosplayer
  6. Good at Falling – The lungs
  7. Crazy Love
  8. Those who do not think – the brain
  9. The others (stupid days)
  10. We / I belong – the blood
  11. Nothing happens
  12. Doubts
  13. Laureus for honor
  14. GOAT – The heart
  15. Neon – The wings
  16. Io
  17. Little good – The liver
  18. Noble
  19. Dj Set: Badabum Cha Cha, Supreme – The ego, Sometimes I exaggerate, King of rap, Scooteroni, Cashmere, Sport, Salvador Dalì
  20. All this nothing – The eyes
  21. No love songs
  22. Madame – L’anima
  23. Cruella – The nerves
  24. 64 Bars
  25. Thrill
  26. Love
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After today’s Rome date, Friday 23 September, which is a June recovery, Marracash will perform in Turin and then return to Rome in October for a double date. It will then be the turn of Naples, Bari, Catania, Casalecchio di Reno and Florence. Many dates are already sold-out and the others have limited availability.

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