The lineup of the Cesare Cremonini concert in Imola

Last date for Cesare Cremonini’s stadium tour. 70,000 people expected under the stage. Here is the lineup of the Imola concert

Saturday 2 July for Cesare Cremonini will be a bit like playing at home. The Bolognese singer-songwriter will perform on the stage of theAutodromo Enzo and Dino Ferrari of Imola: a tour that marks Cremonini’s return to the stage after the stop imposed by the coronavirus pandemic and which has already brought thousands of people under the singer-songwriter’s stage to sing his best-known hits. There are 24, for a total of over two and a half hours of music considering the encores, the songs present in the lineup of Cesare Cremonini’s show. Imola will be the last show of the summer tour in the stadiums and around 70,000 people are currently expected.

Cesare Cremonini in Imola: the concert schedule


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The opening of the concert is entrusted to The girl of the future, latest single released by Cesare Cremonini. Scrolling through the titles, the show appears well balanced between the ballad notes and the most lively songs of the Bolognese singer-songwriter, who did not fail to include also what, perhaps, is the most famous song of him, that 50Special who launched his career when still very young he was the frontman of the band of Lunapop. To close the concert, Cremonini relied on A better dayballad with a profound meaning that is part of the history of Lunapop and that the singer-songwriter interprets as a wish for a better future than we are experiencing.

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Here are the 23 pieces chosen by Cesare Cremonini:

  1. The girl of the future
  2. Father mother
  3. The comedian (You know what laughter)
  4. The New Star of Broadway
  5. Chemistry
  6. Hummingbird
  7. Something big
  8. Have a nice trip (Share The Love)
  9. MoonWalk
  10. Come and see why
  11. Six and twenty-six
  12. World
  13. Logic # 1
  14. Grey Goose
  15. Starfish
  16. Lost in the Weekend
  17. Ciao
  18. Call it Happiness
  19. 50 Special
  20. # 25 Jam
  21. Poetic
  22. Nobody wants to be Robin
  23. On the telephone
  24. A better day

Cesare Cremonini and the 2022 stadium tour

2022 is the year of the return to the stage of the great Italian artists. Also for this reason the expectation of the fans is great and Cesare Cremonini’s desire not to disappoint them is evident from the choice of the songs that he has included in the concert schedule of his tour. The Cremonini stadiums 2022 it has met with great success in all the stages it has touched so far and that of Imola does not seem to differ from what has already happened. “What makes me feel good is the fact that I can give you all a night that will remain forever as a beautiful memory, a beautiful thing in your life and that’s it. To do that, I couldn’t help but try to go back too, slowly slowly, in my memory “, said the singer-songwriter during one of his concerts. Many images shared by the singer, who during the tour performed at the Olympic stadium in Rome, at the San Siro stadium in Milan and at the Artemio Franchi in Florence. But it will certainly be that of Imola, in his Romagna, the most exciting concert of this renewed meeting with its audience. It is here that Cremonini has chosen to close the tour and it could not be otherwise.

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