The Kuhn Espro planter saves fuel without losing power

Saving fuel when sowing without losing power is possible thanks to the Kuhn Espro seeder. This machine is a clear reference in sowing with minimum tillage due to its high performance and the possibility of multiple combinations in the RC model.

AGRO Professional – Madrid 8/06/2021

The French manufacturer Kuhn is a world reference in the sowing of minimum tillage all over the world thanks to its Espro machine. With working widths from 3 to 8 meters, it is a product that demands low power thanks to the design of the row of compaction wheels, located in front of the sowing bar.

The Kuhn Espro minimum tillage seeder is a great example of innovation and product optimization from the agricultural machinery manufacturer. Always with the objective of making the farmer’s investment profitable, Kuhn works on the design of efficient machines that reduce time and costs. The Espro saves fuel during sowing work by making it easier to tow the machine.

To achieve this, the machine has a row of compaction wheels, in front of the seeding bar, which allows the soil surface to be leveled before the two rows of opener discs act. Thanks to its design with wheels offset two by two, forwards and backwards, the accumulation of soil and the planter from sinking into light soil is avoided. In addition, the diameter of these wheels is 900 mm, which reduces rolling resistance, so the power required to drag the machine is less compared to smaller wheels.

At the same time, the wheels are narrow (210mm), leaving a gap of 85mm between them to facilitate the passage of dirt and debris. The wheels have a square profile, thus achieving a homogeneous compaction of all the sowing lines.

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Fast without losing precision

The Espro is equipped as standard with the Crossflex seeding bar, which allows you to sow at a regular depth in almost all working conditions and speeds. It precisely places each seed, even at working speeds of up to 17 km / h. The sowing bodies are fixed to a tube with a special profile mounted on polyurethane elastomers, this system prevents vibrations so that the sowing depth is homogeneous even at high speeds. The compaction rollers guarantee contact between the seed and the soil behind the sowing body, thus favoring the transfer of moisture to the seed by capillarity. Finally, the harrow perfectly covers each seed with soil, crumbles the clods on the surface and thus reduces the formation of surface crusts, which would be an obstacle to the emergence of the crop.

Espro RC, split awning

The Espro RC model comes with the hopper divided into the 4 and 6 meter width models to increase the uses of the planter. In this way, you can choose to fertilize or sow a variety before the compaction wheels. Also, plant a single main crop if the hopper is fully loaded with a single variety, or plant a main crop and fertilize in a single pass.

Other options are planting 2 crops in different rows and at different depths and localized fertilization in one row: one part of the hopper contains the main crop and the other the compost.

Extensive agriculture in Lleida with the Espro de Kuhn

Lorenzo Guilanya is manager of the company Guilanya Pérez SL, dedicated to extensive agriculture in Gimenells (Lleida). They work multiple crops like peas, turnips, barley, wheat, sunflower and corn. Lorenzo says that, after trying a planter from another brand, he finally switched to the Kuhn Espro for its quality: a well-leveled job, great maneuverability and perfect visibility from the tractor. “With my 6 meter working width Espro 6000 minimum tillage drill I work at least 700 hectares a year of winter cereal and legumes,” he explains. “The difference that I notice with my previous machine, a model of the competition, is that Kuhn is much more compact because the machine folds in 3, and therefore it raises the height less. In addition, the wheels do not heat up and break, which allows me to work without problems ”.

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