The “Junior Handling” competition is intended to mobilize the next generation of breeders

Horse breeders and riding stables have actually gotten through the past 2 Corona years quite well, Hildegard Ellers thinks. The Emstekerin is a passionate breeder and on Saturday (June 25th) the next foal show of the Weser-Ems horse studbook will be held on the Ellers family farm on Halener Straße. But what is striking in their circles: It is the offspring that is missing. Not in the saddle, but among the breeders. “Everyone wants to ride, but the ponies have to come from somewhere,” says Ellers. That’s why she wants to introduce children and young people to breeding and organizes the 1st Südoldenburg Junior Handling as part of the Weser-Ems foal show.

This competition is for children and young people from 6 to 16 years and more than a dozen participants have registered to present their horse or the animal entrusted to them to the jury between 1 and 2.30 p.m. And then it is not enough to lead the pony onto the triangular track by the reins, the judges will keep a close eye on how the communication between humans and animals works.

And of course both are decked out accordingly. For humans, show or riding attire is expected and a whip is permitted. In the case of four-legged friends, value is placed on the care and cleanliness of fur, long hair, nostrils, eyes, the root of the tail, hooves and horseshoes. The horse is presented in hand at the walk in a group and individually at the trot. There is an open line up in front of the judges, whereby the handlers also have to know something about the animal. Section, age and pedigree of the horse must be stated. Ellers: “It’s often difficult at first, especially for younger people. But it also strengthens them for the future when they have to speak in front of large crowds on other occasions.”

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Evaluation takes place in 3 age groups

The evaluation committee assigns grades for each performance and three winners are determined according to age groups. “The winners will receive a voucher for one-year free membership in the Weser-Ems stud book.” If you only want to breed and raise a riding horse for your own use, the entry in the horse stud book is not decisive. But if you really want to start breeding, this register is essential.

In this way, Hildegard Ellers hopes to reach children and young people who will secure the future of South Oldenburg horse breeding. Breeding is also another way of dealing with the animal without having to climb into the saddle yourself. Not every breeder is a rider or trains the young horse.

The foal show – organized with the support of the South Oldenburg horse stud book delegates – starts on Saturday at 11 am with Shetland under 87 centimetres, Shetland, German Classic Pony and Iceland. After the 1st Südoldenburger Junior Handling, from 2.30 p.m. the race continues with Welsh A, Welsh B and Haflinger. From 3 p.m. the German riding ponies will join. Not only breeders, but everyone interested is welcome throughout the day.

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