the judge declares the mistress not punishable –

The criminal proceedings under way at the Cuneo Court initiated by a woman, resident in Centallo, against her neighbor DM ended with an acquittal sentence, the cause of non-punishment of tenuousness of the fact being intervened.

The plaintiff, a civil party in the trial assisted by the lawyer Monica Anfossi, claimed that the defendant’s dog barked all the time “It is an unbearable situation” she had declared in the courtroom (READ HERE). According to what was reported to the prosecutor Davide Fontana during the examination, the incessant barking would have caused a real disturbance to her peace, thus forcing her to file a complaint against the owner of the animal.

The crime against the woman, assisted by the lawyer Ferruccio Calamari, was a disturbance to public peace. The period considered by the Prosecutor’s Office refers to starting from May to September 2020.


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