The Juan Victoria Auditorium welcomes August with great concerts.

The 7 girls who are all the rage in the world of this Asian genre that has a notable impact on networks, indicated that it is already available on their official YouTube platform account (BAD4U Dance Cover) this magnificent choreographic presentation that they left as the latest novelty. Love Dive taken to Spanish would be: Buceo de amor.

The musical group from San Juan, which is on the rise: “BAD4U”; shared with Now San Juan his new recorded video clip (Ive 아이브 ‘LOVE DIVE’) along with a very special greeting. Thank you all for the constant support you give us, thanks to our parents and family in general who are always present and to Ahora San Juan who helped us make ourselves visible”manifested with that joy and freshness that characterizes them.

They then commented: “This video was recorded with a lot of love and effort from us and Tin (who makes, produces and edits them) so we hope you like it a lot and soon we will be uploading more content”.

Among the comments left: “I loved!! they dance beautifully!!!!!!!!“, “They fulfilled my wish, I love them“, “God it’s incredible to see them dance, they are the best”, “They have a lot of talent”, “I am their fan to death, I love them♡♡♡“, “How beautiful they dance !!!!!!“. These were some of the favorable dedications for these dancers who positively impacted San Juan society and also eastern. As among these greetings they left one written in their language: “Bad 4 You, I support you. I love dancing, expression, and shooting! Nice to see the dance cover! Nice to see your enthusiasm!! Charm is the best!! Great!!”.

We choose the theme for popularity, we make the most listened to and striking last ones. We liked the costumes and the choreography looked very good“, mentioned the girls. To which they added: “We chose the Teatro Bicentenario to give the video a more beautiful aesthetic, since it combined with our clothing. The next choreography that we are going to do will be a street style that will require other clothes and another suitable place. How could skate park be“.

Dance Cover. At this point, BAD4U indicated that in other parts of the world, the groups that make this type of videos, record them from afar to show the complete dance and timing. In their case they highlighted: “We like to bring each one closer at times so that each figure that makes up the show can be appreciated whole”. Something that they also do and that makes a difference is that they do “Lip Sing” (do the mime of singing).

And one fact that they made known is that for this type of dance there are always 3 key figures: “a main vocalist (who simulates the strongest songs) in this case was Victoria, the main dancer was Guille, and the main rapper Sofía. Like Ive, it also has the peculiarity of having a center (who stands out among the others for her beauty), in this core, from BAD4U we chose Pierina”.

The official song is:

The translated lyrics say:

Love Diving

I’m very curious about you, the same goes for you
This is enough for this game of chase and chase
Unbearable attraction and curiosity
How strange we are you and me, we will know in time

under the eyes
what you’re hiding
Yeah it’s so bad, it’s good
I need to see that heart

Narcissistic, my God, I love it
The night that illuminated us
Your beautiful black eyes fall deeper and deeper
(You to me and I to you)
Hold your breath, a love dive

Come here, a love dive
Oh perfect sacrifice, yeah
Hold your breath, a love dive

I can’t understand why the heart is like this
Why love blooms in an instant
Come in and see for yourself
Come to the depths of my heart

time to doubt
two seconds is enough
Yeah it’s so bad, it’s good
Dare to jump if you want

Narcissistic, my God, I love it
The night that illuminated us
Your beautiful black eyes fall deeper and deeper
(You in me and me in you)
Hold your breath, a love dive

(Oh) come here, a love dive
(Oh) oh, perfect sacrifice, yeah
Hold your breath, a love dive

Let’s remember that Ive, is a south korean girl group formed by the company Starship Entertainment consisting of six members: Kim Ga-eul, An Yu-jin, Naoi Rei, Jang Won-young, Kim Ji-won and Lee Hyun-seo. The group’s name is an acronym for the English phrase “I’ve” (I have), which means “I have” in Spanish, and that represents the intention of the members to show the public everything they have.

In the meantime, Ive, on his official Twitter account, announced on July 24 that on August 22 they will release their third single from the album “After Like“.

Finally, with the love and sympathy that defines BAD4U, they left us another special greeting: “We want to thank Débora and Ahora San Juan for the note they gave us before and for always supporting us, we love them very much and many thanks!“.

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