The Japanese K-POP fever is amazing!What is’Ilcon’introduced in Korea? –DANMEE Danmi

K-POP idol concerts and fan meetings that had to be canceled or interrupted due to the prolonged Korona-ka.

However, earlier this year, the government allowed foreigners to visit Japan for business purposes as part of the relaxation of the corona epidemic prevention policy, and the K-POP idol’s concert in Japan was realized. For Japanese fans, the day has finally come to meet “push”.

With the long-awaited concert in Japan being held, the reaction and excitement of Japanese K-POP fans is hot.

Every time the news of a K-POP idol concert is announced, the word “Ilcon” has emerged as a popular search term on SNS.

“Ilcon” is a popular phrase among young people and means “concert in Japan”. It is a new coined word that shortens “Ilbon + Concert” from “Ilbon” which means “Japan” in Korean.

SEVENTEEN held a fan meeting in Japan for the first time in about two years (Image source: SEVENTEEN Japan official Twitter)

This situation has also been reported in South Korea, and the Korean media Chosun Ilbo has introduced “Ilcon” in detail.

According to the media, “For the past two years, fans who could not participate in offline events have become” retaliation consumption “while the popularity of the Korean wave has increased due to the boy group’s BTS (BTS) and the drama” Ai no Crash Landing on You “. There is also an analysis that it is embarking on it. “

It is said that the public is enjoying going out in South Korea due to the recent relaxation of restrictions on the Korona-ka. He goes to the cinema, eats at a restaurant, and enjoys shopping at a department store, enjoying a life like before a pandemic.
It is said that in Korea, enjoying as if to relieve what you have put up with is called “retaliation consumption”.

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In other words, the media likens the enthusiasm of Japanese fans gathering at K-POP events to “retaliation consumption.”

K-POP idols who have visited Japan frequently until now. However, the Korona-ka did not make it happen.

And now, more than two years later, the concert in Japan has resumed.
When it comes to the long-awaited reunion with the “push”, it is natural that the reactionary reaction up to that point will help and the enormous enthusiasm will be enveloped. If you can see their performance live and be impressed with them, there is no more joy.

The “retaliation consumption” that Japanese fans get drunk with the “push” concert and solidify themselves with concert goods is a result of having endured the “spicyness that I want to meet but can’t meet”, which is a natural flow.

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