The isolated thoughts of Giovanni Mirabassi

After releasing his album “Pensieri Isolati” last September, pianist and jazzman Giovanni Mirabassi is giving two concerts at Sunset next week to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the mythical club on rue des Lombards.

Released in September 2021, “Pensieri Isolati” was recorded by Giovanni Mirabassi in the spring of 2020, during the first confinement therefore, a moment of isolation and introspection for many of us. The pianist had the idea of ​​creating the Instagram account @pensieri_isolati, where each subscriber could send an “isolated thought”. He thus received a large number of texts, photographs, songs from all over the world, which he used to compose this new solo album. “It was a huge reservoir of poetry. Hardly anyone talked about the virus, and that was very inspiring. The record goes with this reflection on isolation, on loneliness.” He also gave this program during several concerts-audio-visual shows, with the participation of the videographer Bad Lacroix. On January 18 and 19, the pianist will give two trio concerts at the Sunset, as part of the jazz club’s 40th anniversary.

Based in Paris for almost 30 years, Giovanni Mirabassi is originally from Perugia, Italy. Self-taught, he discovered jazz as a child during the festival in his hometown; it is also in Perugia that he meets Aldo Ciccolini, a piano giant who takes him under his wing and gives him valuable lessons. He went into exile in 1992, because of his deep disagreement with the regime of Silvio Berlusconi. He is alarmed at our microphone about the current political situation in Italy: “I’m not even worried anymore, I gave up. The problems which pushed me to leave are still relevant, in the first place fascism. There is a problem that has never been solved, it is an extraordinary country but not very frequentable. And it is a laboratory of what awaits us in a few years, in Europe Italy has always been ahead of political stupidity.”

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In Paris, Giovanni Mirabassi finds the Italian diaspora: Paolo Fresu, Flavio Boltro, Stefano di Battista and Aldo Romano. He also meets Louis Moutin and Daniele Mencarelli, with whom he recorded his first album, Architectures (1998). His first big hit was the album Forward ! in 2001, an anthology of libertarian and revolutionary songs revisited in solo (“Bella Ciao”, “Le chant des partisans”, “Ah! ça ira”). The pianist returns to our microphone on his collaboration with the singer Sarah Lancman, whom he has accompanied since 2015, and with whom he founded the Jazz Eleven label two years later. Recently they recorded Intermezzo, a tribute album to Italian song.

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