the inquisitors will make their comeback in live action in this Disney + series

Without doubt one of the most anticipated series, the series Obi-Wan lift the veil on the activities of the Jedi master Come in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and Star Wars: A New Hope. While the vast majority of the cast was unveiled a few weeks ago, an unexpected character should make a comeback in the Disney + series.

well known to Star Wars: Rebels

Fans are no doubt eagerly awaiting the reunion between Kenobi and Vader. Until now, we do not really know how the events will unfold. Indeed, in the very first installment of 1977, we do hear Vader say to Obi-Wan: “The circle is now closed, when I left you I was your disciple and today I am the master “. A replica that sets the standard in the final fight between the two Jedis at the end of Revenge of Siths, and which states that they have not crossed paths since that time.

But a new antagonist is expected to make an appearance in the spin-off. It’s about Fifth brother, an inquisitor under the command of Darth Vader in order to hunt down the remaining Jedi. Even if there is nothing official, it seems very believable. Indeed, the Inquisitors are under the orders of Vader to hunt down the last Jedi having survived Order 66 on the far reaches of the galaxy. Star Wars: Rebels and Obi-Wan are two series happening around the same time, and logically, Darth Vader will likely send them out to hunt Kenobi.

an actor of fast and furious to embody it

We already knew that the actor was going to play in the spin-off since when the casting was revealed, he has been formalized. But we now know a little more about his role. Indeed, Sung Kang, They have, in the franchise of action films, should play this fifth brother. If the news is made official, there is a good chance that her teammate, the Seventh Sister, will also have its own live-action version since they have always worked as a duo.

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So, in addition to Ahsoka Tano and Bo-katan Kryze who both had live incarnations in The Mandalorian, performed by Rosario Dawson and Katee Sackhoff respectively, the Inquisitors have a good chance of landing in the spin-off dedicated to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Anyway, we will have to be patient since the series will not land on the SVOD platform. before 2022.

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