The infectologist urges people not to go to the areas affected by the coronavirus, but admits that it will “arrive in Latvia” anyway.


Dumpis said that Latvia is ready to try to limit the spread of the new virus, but it should be understood that no country is ready for all situations, which is confirmed by the rapid spread of the virus in Italy.

The doctor estimated that this infection would spread further and further, respectively, it is quite safe to say that it will reach Latvia as well, the question is only when. At present, the task of the population, doctors and public officials would be to delay the spread of the virus in our country.

Dumpis acknowledged that it was not possible to stop traveling completely, but that citizens should be aware that going to virus-affected areas, such as northern Italy, is risky. Before driving, the doctor advises the population to “think, watch the news” and make an informed choice, because it is clear that there will be many more cases of infection in Italy than are currently officially recorded. Travelers need to understand that there is a risk of infection, especially for older people with other illnesses.

At the same time, the infectologist noted that this is not a deadly disease and that the world has also faced more dangerous infections. Explaining the threat posed by the disease, Dumpis mentioned as one of the main aspects that a large number of people get sick at the same time, treatment takes two to three weeks, these patients put a heavy burden on hospitals, disrupting their operation.

Rebellion assumed that the spread of the virus could decrease in the summer, as is the case with other diseases, but no medical professional can say for sure because the virus is new and unexplored.

Describing Latvia’s tactics in the fight against the possible spread of the virus, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (JV) told TV3 this morning that our country’s goal is to detect and isolate those infected with the virus at the very beginning of the disease before they infect other people. If you suspect an infection, you should seek emergency medical attention rather than go to your GP or go to hospitals yourself.

Kariņš is convinced that if the infected people are “caught” in time, then the outbreak will not start in Latvia.

The Prime Minister believes that this tactic works. “The main thing is to be ready,” said Kariņš and urged the residents to cooperate with the state services and not to hide their possible illness.

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Specialists recommend that Latvians who are currently planning to travel to countries or territories affected by the coronavirus that are subject to special measures should assess the need for travel and follow general prevention measures during the trip, as well as follow the instructions of local authorities.

Travelers returning from these places must monitor their health for the next 14 days. If symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat or difficulty breathing occur, contact with family members and others should be restricted, 113 should be called immediately, and medical personnel should be informed of the symptoms and travel to the countries or territories affected by the coronavirus.

Experts recommend that if the child has been traveling in one of the countries or territories affected by the Covid-19 coronavirus during the last 14 days, the child should not attend school, the parents should contact a family doctor and monitor the child’s health for 14 days after the trip.

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